Sunday, October 31, 2010

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.1

First you’ll want to get a pen and paper and draw a large circle on it. Inside the circle, I’d like you to draw an image of yourself surrounded by things that you desire to have or experience (please note that the drawings don’t have to be elaborate :)

The next step, which is a very special one, is to draw another circle in the upper right side of the large circle. This circle represents your highest desires that you are not yet consciously aware of. It also represents all the experiences and objects that your highest guides, angels and teachers would like for you to have now. You can simply label it, “All the highest good that the Universe wants for me.” This step is very important.

Finally, on the outside of the larger circle you can draw hearts, smiley faces or any other images of comfort and joy that you’d like. However your drawing ends up looking, it is good for you to take a few minutes every morning and every evening to look at this and give thanks for all that you have. This exercise is simple but powerful and very beneficial.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again very soon.

All of us in the Angelic Realm

p.s. it is ok and very good for you to add drawings of new desires to the larger circle as they arise

Monday, October 25, 2010

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.5

This next exercise is one that will help you move forward if you don’t feel that you’ve been able to do so. You need only do this exercise once but you will want to find a moment to get really quiet and maybe get into a state of deep relaxation before you begin.

First, I want you to see yourself as a small child and tell this child that you really love him. Then, ask him what he wants to do or be or have when he grows up and I want you to pay very close attention. When he’s done speaking, I want you to tell him that you’ll always be there to take care of him and that you will do everything possible to make sure that he enjoys his life and that all of his wishes come true. You can tell him that you will be there whenever he might fall and that if he falls that it’s ok because falling is just a chance for him to discover how strong he is. You can also say that things are never as they appear - it might look like something isn’t turning out the way he desires but that really the experience is just there to show him how to love more. That doesn’t mean he has to stay in unfulfilling or unpleasant situations just for the sake of learning how to love, but when he begins to see the situation through eyes of love, he will receive the gift of the experience. Then, I want you to take this child into your arms and tell him very sweetly that life is set up to take care of him he need not worry now that he knows that. Then I want you to hug your small self and invite him into your heart where he can play happily and safely.

This exercise is very effective in many ways and on many levels and you will begin to feel differently soon after. It’s ok if there are tears. We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.

All of us in the Angelic realm

Monday, October 18, 2010

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.4

Think of a time you felt really happy and free and full of love. (This does not have to be an experience related to money.) Then I’d like for you to remember how you felt about life, how you felt about yourself and how you felt about others during that time. For example, you might have felt vibrant, protected and extremely confident. You might have felt like you wanted to pour love out to everyone you met and you may have only seen their good sides. You might have felt very grateful towards life for having had such a wonderful experience.

While you’re still in this state, I’d like for you to write down a current financial goal that you have. Next, you can add how you would feel about yourself, how you would probably feel about life and how you think you'd feel about the people in your life right after you have achieved this goal. When you have completed this exercize, you will find that the two experiences will be quite similar and that is what we would like. Then you can read this once or twice a day and you will find it quite beneficial.

Also, you can redo this exercise while being more detailed with your financial goals. For example you can write, “I’d like to have $2400 every month with which I’d like to pay all of my bills, take an Italian class, go upstate for the weekend, buy a new couch, etc…” Hint: this step is also beneficial!


AA Ariel

Monday, October 11, 2010

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.3

I want you to remember three times in your life when you felt absolutely, radiantly abundant. Then I want you to write them down in great detail – making sure to include things you felt, smelled, what was happening around you, etc. Recreate every detail of these scenes as vividly as possible. Then, I’d like for you to read this experience out loud, as if you are trying to explain it to someone who barely understands your language so that you have to practically act it out. I want you to have lots of fun with this! You can do this in front of your dog, your spouse, your friend or your plant, but the main thing is that you really exaggerate the great feelings of joy and abundance you felt.

An example for Chernise is her trip to London. Before her trip, she wrote a Thank You Letter to God about it that practically wrote itself. It was because she felt such excitement and abundance and she just knew that the Universe was going to provide her with what she wanted. She listed her desire for free first-class, r/t air travel, free lodging, date with cute British boy, etc. (all of which manifested.)

So, if you start your story by saying that you had an amazing time in Europe, you might hold your arms really far apart to represent how “amazing” it was. If you’re talking about your great flight you might run around the room with your arms held out like the wings of a plane. Basically, in the telling of your story, you want to make the expression of your emotions and experiences as big and as fun as possible. (Please overact!) You only need to verbally read these to your friends or vegetation once, but feel free to read them to yourselves as frequently as you like!

AA Ariel

Monday, October 4, 2010

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.2

First, close your eyes and imagine a beach and peaceful ocean before you on a clear day. Then we want you to see a large TV screen in the sky above the beach and imagine a wise, serene, loving version of yourself (we'll refer to this version of you as Your-Higher-Self) on it. Then see Your-Higher-Self looking at the present day you (also on the screen) and being really happy with your life. See Your-Higher-Self telling you that it loves you and then looking to the left where there is a large pile of money and gold. Your-Higher-Self reaches into this pile and hands some of the money over to you then says to you, "You have already earned this. You are already worthy of this. It is all yours and now I'm going to help you receive it. I want you to do as I ask". Then you take a deep breath and say, "I'm ready."

Your-Higher-Self smiles and says "Repeat after me: I am ready to receive the abundance that is already mine," then motions the gold to move to your side of the screen. You do as you are asked but then notice that even though Your-Higher-Self moved the pile over to your side, the original pile of gold & money still remains. Then Your-Higher-Self says, "You see, there is no limit to this money. You can never run out and it is all yours, as much as you desire and whenever you desire. You have only to say that you are ready and I will help you experience this wealth in your life." Then Your-Higher-Self takes some gold from the pile and reaches beyond the frame of the TV screen to sprinkle it along a freshly appeared path on the beach that represents the path of your life. There is a large pile of gold and money at the beginning of the path and you notice that as it continues on there are several more piles, each larger than the one before.

Finally Your-Higher-Self asks, "Are you sure you are ready to receive this? Are you completely willing to receive this for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned?" You take a deep breath and joyfully give a firm, "Yes." With that, you find yourself immediately surrounded by multitudes of Angels, spiritual guides, family members and friends all cheering and applauding your decision to finally accept your divine inheritance. Your-Higher-Self steps toward you and proudly hands you a golden crown and a scepter of Divine Self-worth and Abundance. You graciously accept them both and say thank you to everyone. You feel blissful in the glow of all of the love and support of those around you and know that this abundance is available to you whenever you require it.

You can do this visualization once a day.

p.s. It's 2:21 am and AA Ariel just gave this visualization to me. It's so lovely - I can't wait to try it (I'm going to bed first, though!)