Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.5

This exercise will help you to be more in your heart so you can view/create your life in a way that you really want to experience it.
The first thing to do is to get a sheet of paper and draw a large circle on it and draw yourself standing in the middle, smiling.  Then draw lots of smiley faces surrounding you within this circle and add large column that extends upwards to the top edge of the page.  This column represents the column of light that connects to your Unlimited and Unconditionally Loving I AM Presence.  Then fill any open space within the circle with hearts and stars.  All of these images that are surrounding you represent the events of your life and how you choose to experience them. In the space surrounding the circle, draw a large square that represents your connection to the earth as well as your grounded experience of everything contained within it.  The circle represents your connection to spirit.
When you’re done, take a breath and hold the paper in front of your heart with the image facing you.  Imagine that you are, in fact, your very own I AM Presence and see your Self as radiant and as clear as the sun on a beautiful day overlooking a mountain range.  Feel your Self as one with all and from this beautiful, expansive place, flood as much love as possible to the image of you that you have just drawn in the paper.  Imagine that as you are flooding this image with love the square that you have drawn outside the circle is slowly being drawing to the inside of the circle which represents the spirit.  You are now imbuing all of your life’s events with this unconditionally flowing love, with light, with clarity and enhancing the connection that you have with all things.  
Then, once you feel that this square has been drawn entirely within the circle, Say to your little self on the page, “Dearest, you are loved unconditionally and you are guided always.  Yours is the path of growth, joy, triumph and success.  Know this, and move forward with the feeling so sure in your heart that as a God/being incarnate, as you decree, so it shall be.  Now, Decree from that place of safety and trust and watch your path unfold in ways that you could have never imagined.  I am always with you and you are loved beyond belief.”  Then sit in the space of being the sender of this beautiful energy as well as the recipient.  When you feel that you have received and or given enough, remind yourself again that your path is a blessed one and you have only to trust and move forward and things will unfold for you in a way that you would have never believed possible.
Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.4

Today’s exercise will be good for people that would like to stay on their spiritual path in a way that moves them forward consistently.

First, see yourself as a radiant star in the night sky surrounded by other stars.  As you are sitting in the energy of this radiant light that you are, imagine that even more light is pouring down on you from above.  You look up in order to discover the source and you see that it is your very own Divine Soul Being.  You say to it, “Thank you so much for your light and your love.  You are so wonderful to give me light and guidance even now that I am fully embodied in my Self as a star.”  Your Soul Being looks lovingly down at you, smiles and says, “Dear One, you are always expanding and growing into greater consciousness and I am simply here to urge you lovingly and gently and consistently forward.  Think of when you were a child and you longed to be an adult.  Think of when you were an adult and longed to be on your spiritual path.  Think of when you were on your path and longed to embody the light that you truly are so fully, that you would experience yourself as a radiant star.  You may not know what is next but the more you trust and stay committed and follow the signs that the universe lays before you, the further you will go.  And Dear One, there are always going to be places that you can expand into so you will do well to stay on your path as much as possible because only amazing things await you.  You look at your Soul Being and ask, “Even though I have come so far?  How am I to go forward?  What shall I do to increase my connection, my embodiment of the truth and my trust in life?”  Your Divine Soul Being replies, “You have only to intend with all of your heart in any way that you know how and this will be enough.  If you want something and know that every part of the universe is conspiring to suit your highest good, you must know that you will be answered.”  You respond with, “Yes, I do know that to be true” and then you close your eyes and intend for your next exciting adventure, even though you feel you can’t possibly think of a place that could be better than where you are right now!

We love you greatly.

Love, All of us in the Angelic Realm
Your beloved Archangel Azrael

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.3

Today’s exercise is helpful for people who would like to release energy that no longer serves them so that they can move forward with joy.

Imagine that you are seated at a table with many people in a lovely restaurant.  You look at the table and observe that it is round and very, very large.  Then you begin to look at the people around the table and notice that there are many faces that are familiar to you.  They are faces from your past and most belong to people that you haven’t seen in a while.  What happens next is quite lovely: you find that each person sitting at the table begins to look at you and smile.  They seem to be so full of gratitude for having met you that you feel overwhelmed with love.  This is such a striking feeling because a good many of the people around the table are people with whom situations ended badly or that you did not interact with from your highest self, or who did not treat you from their place of highest love.  But still, they seem grateful and are just radiating love to you.  You sit there and allow yourself to take it all in and even release a few tears because you feel the sincerity of their love.

When you have gathered enough courage you look at some of the people who previously you did not get along with at all and ask, “Why?” Smiling and laughing they say to you, “Don’t you know?  We’re all here to play a part in each others’ lives.  We were all there to help each other grow - to move us to where we wanted and needed to be in order to be of greatest service to life and in order to move us forward on the path of our own greatest joy.  We were all doing what we needed to do to help each other learn what was necessary.”  And you say, “Wow.  I really get that and I appreciate that.”  After a while you feel so overcome with love that you begin to hug the people that you are closest to and radiate love to all the others.  Then you notice that some of the people are leaving the table and you ask them why they’re leaving.  They say, “Well, our time together is done and now that you’ve seen why we were really a part of your life it’s time to make room for some new energy.  Besides, we’ve got to get back to our own lives and do the same.  This was healing for us, too, you know.  Be blessed and know that you will always live in our hearts as love.”  Again, you feel overcome with love and gratitude for all the people in your life and for how wonderfully the Universe has set everything up. 

Soon, some new people join the table and sit next to you.  They seem a bit confused at first but soon notice all of the love surrounding them, feel visibly touched by it and the cycle continues.  This is because love, truth and gratitude beget feelings of freedom and compassion which beget more feelings of love, gratitude and awareness of the truth.  You have seen how you have been and are part of the circle of life and how everything is truly happening for your highest good.  With that truth now at the forefront of your consciousness, you find that you easily release old wounds and co-dependent relationships because you know why they occurred in the first place – to move you forward to this beautiful place of unconditional compassion for yourself and all who have joined your path.

We love you dearly, Dear Ones.

With Highest Love,
All of us in the Angelic Realm.
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey Guys!

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Hope to have you join!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.2

Dear Ones,

Today's exercise benefits the earth (and yes it benefits you, too!)

First, see yourself surrounded by a large circle of light and imagine that this light is connected to your I AM Presence.  See a long, golden and white stream of light flowing from your I AM Presence and as it connects with your circle of light imagine that yours becomes suddenly even brighter, like a harmonious explosion of sunshine.  Then as you find that you are completely immersed in light, feel that a single, bright light is slowly moving down the center of this column, to the outer edge of this circle of light that is surrounding you, it enters your crown chakra and then your throat chakra and then resides firmly in your heart.  Once this light is there, imagine that it is slowly expanding out and lighting up each and every cell of your body.  Now, see your body as a silhouette full of light and see that light eventually moving beyond your body to add to the already bright light that is part of the circle that surrounds you.  
Then, as you find that you are surrounded with so much light, know that this circle of light is only allowing love in or out.  See this light that is in your heart shooting out to connect with all of the other beings on the planet.  As your light reaches their heart, imagine that their bodies are lighting up and connecting with their own divine guidance in a stronger and clearer way.  Then when you can imagine the loveliest network of lights that is created by the heart connection between you and  each and every individual and their I AM Presence, imagine All sending that light into the Earth to heal it, to show it gratitude, to love it and to help raise its vibration harmoniously.  You need only do this visualization once with heart and you will greatly assist Earth’s evolutionary process.
We love you greatly and will speak to you again soon,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey Guys!

If you're free Friday, May 4th at 9pm EST, Archangel Azrael and I will be on Carol Adami's Blogtalk Radio Show again. 

It's completely free to dial in and the topic will be about releasing blocks. Even if you don't ask a question, you are sure to receive some helpful insight because of the the combination of Caroline's astrology reading and Azrael's Angelic guidance. There may be other amazing guests on this call but you'll have to dial in to find out ;)

All my love,
Chernise ♥

Date: Friday, May 4th 
Time: 9PM EST 
Cost: None

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