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Monthly Q&A Sessions With the Archangels
  • How great would it be if you could ask a question about a situation in your life and get such an expanded view of it, that you feel immediately at peace? 
  • And how awesome would it be to receive clear, action-oriented steps from some of the most loving beings in the universe to help you really feel you're at the helm of the ship of your life?
  • And how much more fabulous would it be if it only cost $20!!! 

If your responses to these questions are anywhere north of "a little" you've come to the right place.  Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey the Archangels love nothing more than to be asked questions by you and to provide assistance.  They're already around you all the time, lovingly waiting for you to contact them - I'm just helping them out a bit!

The first Monday of each month at 7:00pm I hold a group session during which you can ask questions, receive divine guidance and literally bask in the healing energy of the Archangels I channel.  You can attend in person (in Brooklyn) or by phone (in pajamas) so contact me HERE for location/dial-in details and get your questions ready!!!

Your direct line to the Archangel Hotline!

Love and light,

P.S.  You don't have to have your questions ready when you contact me for location/dial-in details - only when you attend the actual session ;)

P.S.S.  Also, as a gift, please enjoy the New Year's Eve meditation from Archangel Gabriel.  Just click HERE to listen (select "open") or to save.


~ Past Events

~ With Chernise Spruell and Special Guest Presenter Christy Goldfeder

Dates:              Wednesdays (April 20th – June 8th)
Time:                7:00pm – 8:00pm EST
Where:             Williamsburg, Brooklyn or on your phone
Cost:                $37.50 for a single class 

                           $397 for the entire 8-week Course

An 8-week tele-course to clear blocks in our body and mind and establish balance and clarity so we are better able to achieve our dreams

· Spiritually-minded people who are open and ready to get clear and start moving rapidly toward achieving their goals
· LightWorkers and healers who wish to tune themselves higher to manage the rising vibrations of 2011

I got the idea for the need for balance because of a session I had earlier in the year with an amazing healer named Krista Mitchell (http://www.mariposahealing.com/).  During the session she asked me in a loving way if I considered myself to be a grounded person.  I don’t remember exactly what I said but my response was energetically along the lines of, “Clearly, you jest.”  That interaction led me to be more acutely aware of the lack of attention I regularly gave to my lower chakras and soon the Universe followed up with why it was so very important for me to create a balance.  I won’t go through all of the signs the Universe sent, but the last one was a message that I just “happened” to find online by a channeller of St. Germain.  A grand summation and paraphrasing of the message was, “The vibration of Earth’s energy is going to 11.  If you’re off balance it won’t be a fun ride.  Charge up that Divine Wand called “Attention” that you have with Love, and do something about it.”

When I was working with Chernise recently, I suddenly turned to her and said, “I think we should work together.” She told me about the Joy-Tensive, and I wondered how I could help. In a flash, I realized that my knowledge of cleansing and healing through food would help the class (and us) get more clarity and release old patterns more quickly if we added in a deep cleansing aspect to the course. 

This tele-course will be taught over 8 weeks.  Each week you will have simple, yet powerful assignments that will help you start attracting more of what you want. You will also learn how to eat to cleanse your body and release unwanted pounds, old energy or stuck emotions that prevent you from living the life you desire.


Clearing Space and Setting Intentions
~Five simple rituals to help clear blocks
~Three easy changes to prepare for cleansing

Building Your Foundation
~Establish the roots to health and happiness
~Get energized and cleanse out the toxins

Attracting Fun and Creativity
~How to have more fun each day
~Clearing cravings and old habits

Empowering Yourself
~Build self-confidence and embrace your own power
~Developing healthy digestion

Creating Happiness With Others
~How to attract ideal relationships
~Loving your own body

Speaking Your Truth
~How to express yourself authentically
~Keeping yourself balanced hormonally

Using Your Intuition
~Get going by trusting your gut instinct
~Eating to enhance your inner knowing

Experiencing Oneness
~How to stay connected to your higher self
~And more!

Registration for A Course in Divine Balance is available until April 27th which is one week after the beginning of the course.  Please fill out the registration form below and we will get back to you with dial-in details.

Act now to reserve your spot in this transformational course!

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Find out more about Christy at http://www.liveadeliciouslife.com/