Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ascended Master Message: Flow Love Continuously

Hello Dear Ones,

The message today is of love and not just love for the self but for love of all.  It is very helpful to remember at this time that although there are private areas of land that “belong” to another, all of the space that you inhabit is shared, therefore that should inspire you to take on more responsibility for the care of your world.  This is not an admonishment by any means; it is simply a way of looking at your world that will help you feel more connected to it than you have felt before. 

It is also important at this time to look at the conditions under which you allow love to emanate from yourself.  You will do well to discover what you believe you need in order to see someone else or their actions as love and begin to give that to yourself on a regular basis.  Not simply because the other person will benefit from the love you send them, although that is the case; not because you will have grown and become a bigger person by doing such, which is also the case; but because you benefit so greatly from the unceasing stream of love that will flow from your being.  You will do well to not allow anything to block or stop this flow from flowing.  If you knew how much every cell of you being thrives when you are in the flow, you would not cease it for a second.  Nor would you if you knew how greatly each and every cell of your body is affected by not being in the flow of love.  You can do many things to this end but you will begin in a more successful way by simply setting the intent to be in the flow of love and to do all that you can to allow this flow to hold a position of utmost importance.  Whenever you see people around you, bless them.  Say a silent prayer that they do well and that they prosper.  Begin by intending this for each person that you see and then continue to each situation that you hear of and then continue to each thing that you see. 

Very soon you will find that you are in such a continual state of outpouring of love that it will be your natural state.  And, Dear Ones you may have guessed that this is, in fact, your natural state.  We are simply doing Our best to help you find comfort in that space and to help you have an ease of remembering your true nature.  It is also our intent to help you lose interest in what has so strongly, formerly held your attention.  Once you become accustomed to the joy and bliss that are associated with being in a continual, grounded state of love, the thrill previously derived from drama will seem very trite in comparison and that is quite good.

As you may have noticed, there is a great change on the Earth now.  Many people are awakening to truths that they were never aware of before and they are becoming disinterested in the things that would seem “superficial.”  That is also as it should be.  For now is the time of the great remembering of the truth of all of mankind and in this great awakening there must be the unanimous letting go of the illusion that seemed to be so important before.  All is well and is happening as it should.  Remember that and you will be fine, Dear Ones. 

You are so very greatly loved and I intend to speak to you all very soon.
Your Beloved Ascended Master Jesus

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ascended Master Message: Love Thyself

Dear Ones,

If there is anything that we’d like to get out to you today it is the importance of finding ways to take care of yourself and treat yourself in the way that you would treat someone you really love. As the energies are rising and what you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world are popping up around you as if on cue, you will find that it is going to be more and more important to make sure that your inner house is clean. The best way to clean your house is to flood it with love. There are areas where it appears that love is not and life must show those areas to you so that you can choose to send them love. However, if you are in the daily habit of speaking words of love to yourself, taking care to see that you get the sleep that you need, surrounding yourself with people and with environments that nourish you, you will find that only more of the same will manifest around you, except they will manifest in greater and more wonderful ways. You will find that the very simple way to effect change in life is always to give yourself more love. It is truly the panacea. For when you have all the love that you need, can you feel lack at all? Can you truly believe that another person is better than you or will you just feel so full of love for yourself that you feel happy for them as well? You will find that as you flood yourself with love, this is the magic wand that you were looking for. And with all of these wonderful energies that are expanding and supporting your every thought, you will find that it is even easier to obtain and experience that which are willing to believe is possible for you.

So, Dear Ones, Love Thyself.

Your beloved Ascended Master Merlin.