The Love Spotlight

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Here's where I use my voice to spread love and give back to some amazing people that have helped me along my journey. 
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Annette Charité - Intuitive Healer, Life & Relationship Coach

Share: I would like to start out by saying that I’ve been looking forward to writing about Annette, my spiritual coach, for a while.  The entire time I worked with her I had the feeling that if more people knew about what she offered, she would be bowled over with work.  She is truly a Divine Magician and I know this because of her work with my own life.  When I started working with her I had already been on a conscious path for about 13 years and had consciously manifested hundreds of things in my own life: from apartments to boyfriends to life experiences to personal healings.  I was clear that the Universe was listening to me, but I knew that I wasn’t living what I “knew” as truly as I could.  I felt ready to significantly move forward on my path but I didn’t know how.  I also knew that the “empowering/fear-busting/love enhancing” workshops I had been taking, although temporarily effective, didn’t seem to create any significant, lasting results.  

What she did was provide a safe, supportive, reliable, honest space for me to grow, with absolute love and divine clarity.  At the beginning of each session she often said that she didn’t know where the session would go (because we would discover together) but it would always go right where it needed to go in order for me to learn the thing that I needed to learn in just the right moment.  She helped me see where I hadn’t fully committed to my path and how I could, how to connect with my Guidance, how to be ok with experiences in my life and helped me with any crises I had over the course of the three years I worked with her.  

During my second year of working with her my channeling abilities expressed themselves and she helped me from the very beginning until I got to a place where I took the reins.  In short, she was unconditional love and a remover of layers of illusion which was exactly what I needed.  She gently guided me along my path without taking away any of my lessons or having me develop a reliance on her.  She completely shifted my experience of life and now I feel more empowered, more confident, more self expressed, more powerful, more connected, more blessed, more loved and more trusting than I would have ever believed possible.  I’m still working on areas of my life but I know who I AM and that is because she was gifted to me.  For that I am infinitely grateful.  If you are ready to change your life and truly discover who you are I highly recommend you work with her.  The work that she does is priceless and I am only grateful that her services were at a price I could afford. 
Tel: 646.373.4404

Natalie Berthold - Intuitive Healer

Share: So, today I'd like to shine the Love Spotlight on my friend and healer Natalie Berthold.  There are so many things I want to share with you about my experience with her but the main thing is that if the Sun could be a hug, it would be her.  There's such a warm, peaceful, playfulness about her energy that always makes it easy for me to relax around her.  I had 10 private sessions and about 5 equally powerful group sessions with her at a really turbulant/crucial time of my life that really helped me make it through.  She helped me leave a job that was causing me physical pain and that alone has brought so much joy to my life that I can't imagine it being otherwise. 
Her healing sessions were gentle yet powerful and introduced me to looking at energy in ways I hadn't previously thought about.  I always heard that "everything is possible" but seing how she used visualizations to heal (and feeling the effects) as well as how she used imagery in her own life to deal with issues (a story about a pillow representing her taunting ego comes to mind...) just kind of opened my eyes. 

And I loved the environment of her group sessions: lots of similarly minded people in different stages of the journey with lovely hearts. And if the intent of that particular group session was "rebirth" or "exposing layers" I would either feel rebirthed or raw (which was good b/c it lead to an awareness of the "rawness" and then the nurturing of my self) after the session.  She's a lovely light with a lot of heart and she delivers the spiritual goods.  So basically while I have your ear, I just wanted to tell you how great I think she is and to invite you to sign up for anything that she offers.  I feel blessed to have met her and I think you'll feel the same! 

Tel: 317.413.8372