Monday, January 31, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.14

Yes Dear Ones,

First you will do well to imagine yourself in front of a lake on a clear day and you see that it seems like there are many things moving in the lake. You are unsure whether or not you should go swimming yet it is truly your desire to do so. You check in with yourself and ask your Guidance if it is safe for you to do and your Guidance seems to say yes so you step into the water. As you do, you see a beautiful blue circle of light seem to spread out in the water around where you placed your foot and you see that within this beautiful circle that keeps expanding, there seems to be only calm. You can see the surface of the water outside of the circle seems to be moving and you can even feel that there is much life teeming and much activity going on in the water but the water that is within the blue circle is calm and still and serene.

You decide to go further into the water and when you do you find yourself surrounded by a golden light that conforms to your body and you feel recharged and protected. You begin to feel that you are so connected to Divine guidance that regardless of how things look, you will always be protected. This beautiful golden light seems to come from above so you look up and you clearly see your Radiant Soul Being above you smiling at you and now sending you the message that it is always there above you whether you are aware of it or not. You feel connected and guided in ways you didn’t believe possible. You swim further in the water and truly relax and enjoy yourself because you know that you are safe and protected and you know that this energy will be with you always.

Then another light comes down and it is a radiant green light that completely surrounds your body and the beautiful blue circle of light already in the water. This light integrates the truth as knowledge into your being so that you will never doubt your protection or Guidance again. It also helps the Guidance to be clear and inspires you lovingly and happily to follow it because this is what you truly want. You feel this loving green light just melt into your every cell and truly become one with your body. You play around in the water some more and when you decide to come out of the water and renter the land, you know that this lovely energy and light will always be with you wherever you go, whatever you encounter in your life, for you are so very loved and so very desired to be here in existence and very protected.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

Monday, January 24, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.13

Ok so yes Dear Ones,

Imagine yourself in front of a beautiful lake on a sunny day. You notice that the lake seems to feel as large as an ocean because you can’t see the shores on either side but you know that it is a lake and you feel comforted and safe by that fact. You believe that if you were to take a dive and let yourself float for a while that you would be fine and eventually arrive at land, so that is just what you do. You dive into the water, lie on your back, look up at the beautiful sun and let yourself float. For so long in life you have been going against the tide and looking at things that were simply illusions so you decide to let the truth guide you as you float on your back and stare at the beautiful, peaceful, ever changing sky.

You start to do the backstroke, still in the direction that the water is flowing, and you find that you feel a bit energized. You realize that if you go in the direction that the water takes you it is easier to move and when you do move, it is in fact quite fun. So you continue to do the backstroke and then you decide to float a bit more, knowing that this water will take you to a part of the land that true, you are unfamiliar with, but is good place for the next part of your journey in life.

However, after a while of seeing no shore you begin to wonder if in fact you have made the right choice. You think it might be smarter to use your eyes to see where you are going so you stop floating and turn around. As you do, you find that there is struggle involved and you momentarily even sink a bit. Yes, you soon find your bearings again but even if you could see the shores, they would all look the same and you wouldn't know where to go anyway. So you decide to trust again, believing that the water knows more than you and that it will eventually take you safely to shore. You begin to float on your back again and as soon as you do, you feel comforted.

You do a mild backstroke in the direction that the water seems to be taking you and the more you do, the more peaceful you feel you feel. You look at the pretty clouds and don't even notice that a big wave is approaching but since you were distracted and didn’t have time to panic you just went with the flow and were fine. And you experience that as the general pattern – as long as you look at the truth, which is represented by the sky, and believe that the Universe will provide for you, you are guided along a path that is smooth, protected and beautiful.

Before you know it, you see land and the closer you get you can tell that it is very lush and green there. It feels right so you decide to let yourself float up to the shore. When you arrive, you see that it is full of beautiful, tropical fruits and beautiful animals and people that are smiling and very happy that you have arrived. They introduce themselves to you and you learn that they are your Spiritual Teachers and Guides that are all happy you have come across so well. They tell you that they have been holding the intent that you have a safe, smooth, clear, joyful journey in life and that, in fact, everyone has this type of divine assistance. Everyone is divinely guided and has divine assistance to help them realize that they no longer need to struggle and that it's ok to simply go with the flow of life. The beauty of this learning relaxes you and helps you realize that there is no need to worry about another person on their life's journey again.

You smile and thank your Guides and the Universe for having brought you safely to the next part of your journey and for having learned such a lovely, freeing truth. Knowing that your guides are always with you, you look forward to the joyful adventure that awaits you on this beautiful island which is the next step in your human adventure.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.12

Today’s exercise is going to be of great help to people that seem to find themselves stuck or rather in a place where they want to move forward but seem to not be able to.

Imagine yourself outside of your home on a clear day. You are not sure where you want to go or what you want to do and so you check in with yourself to see what you feel like doing. You don’t seem to feel a clear inspiration so you go back inside your home, make some tea and just relax. After a while you feel a bit more rested so you ask your inner guidance, or rather yourself, again what you might want to do next. “Reading” comes to mind. You walk over to your bookshelf and discover a book that you love and you are suddenly feeling inspired in a way that you didn’t before. Without even putting it into words, you feel better and are really glad that you sat down and read the book. Then, after you’ve read for a while, you check in again to see what it is you want to do next and “swimming” clearly pops into your mind. You follow your gut and go for a quick swim in a nearby pool and feel unexpectedly refreshed. It is completely not the day you imagined for yourself but you feel invigorated because the water was so cool and clear and seems to be even charged with the energy of love. Then you go for a walk and while you are enjoying yourself on your walk you realized that you didn’t even need to check in because you felt the urge to do so very clearly. You decide to walk into a café you see because it looks cute. Once inside you realize that it’s a café that you’ve been looking for because you visited it before and didn’t remember where it was. Then you begin to thank the Universe for such a lovely day, joyful day. Your gratitude is so sincere and you are so open that the rest of the day is filled with similar 'happy coincidences.”

Before you know it, you are recharged and back on track because when one checks in to see how one feels in the moment that is the best thing one can do. In that moment, you realize that following your inner guidance is the only thing that will bring you joy and help you move forward. It only leads to wonderful places and once all of that is done, once you are at a point of gratitude, your ears are wide open, so to speak, and you will find yourself hearing divine guidance and moving along the path much more effortlessly. You will find it easier to do the things that you came here to do (i.e. your life’s work) because you are in a much happier and more open place than when you began the day.

We love you dearly and will speak to you all again very soon.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

And yes, this is an exercise to help you trust your guidance in all ways and at all times: of connection and seeming non-connection. When you connect, or rather check into yourself and your divine guidance, it always leads along a path to a place of joy and openness.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Segment! Latest Message of Guidance from the Archangels

So yes Dear Ones,

There are many things that we’d like to say and we are glad to have the opportunity to use this forum but the most important thing we’d like to tell you is to really honor yourselves by doing things that make you happy. There are so many people with their noses to the grindstone, so to speak, about their spiritual work (Chernise is one of them) that often you forget about fun. This is why you came here, Dear Ones. While you are in your human form, you cannot move forward without learning - it simply isn’t possible, but what is essential is the joy. It is truly of utmost importance to embrace joy in your lives and moreover…it’s fun! Really, take the time to honor yourself by first spending a few minutes each day thinking about things that have made you happy in the past or about possible joyful futures on your horizon. Then from there you can make a list of things that you think would make you happy and go from there. They can be simple things like walking outside or watching a fun TV show or eating ice cream while whistling, but make sure that you do them. The good thing about first spending time to think of the things that make you happy is that by the pure fact of giving your attention to these things, you will attract experiences into your life that match that vibration. This will make the very daunting task of embracing joy seem less so.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

P.S. And yes, we were being sarcastic about the term “daunting” when referring to embracing joy. Don’t worry, once you get into the habit of doing things that make you happy you will slip into a groove. It’s just a matter of retraining yourself into joy because you have trained yourself out of it. Love from all of us and we are always with you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.11

Today’s exercise is going to be of help for people that are on the spiritual path but need a bit of clarity before they can move forward.

First, see yourself at the top of a hill on a clear day. Look down the hill and notice that you are very high up. You see lots of trees on you path and you’re not sure which way to go down or how to navigate the tall hill. Take a moment to ask for divine guidance to help you and then take the first step. As you do, a sign materializes out of nowhere that literally says, “Take a step in this direction.” You take the second step in the direction suggested and just afterwards another sign appears. This sign is a bit prettier than the one before and there is also a little snack by the sign. You eat it and now feeling energized by the snack, follow in the direction the sign advised. As soon as you do, another directional sign appears and this one is accompanied by a little bird that seems to be waiting just for you (it's also humming a tune that you like). The bird flies onto your shoulder and you know that you now have a companion for the rest of your journey.

You walk in the direction that the sign indicates and further on, another sign appears. Not only that, you see a faint path and that the path becomes smoother up ahead. You walk for a while and no new signs appear but you feel that you are on the right path. After a while you get to a point where you are unsure but you realize that you have a feeling inside that clearly feels like a sign. You hear a faint voice in your head that advises to go in a certain direction and as you follow its guidance down the trail, you see some lovely flowers. You then decide to always trust this voice because it seems to lead you in the right direction. In addition to the flowers, you see that the path now has handrails which make things much easier. You also get the feeling that you are walking on a moving sidewalk and you find yourself feeling lighter. You find that you feel happier and not only has your path become easier, it is literally taking you exactly where you want to go because you trust your guidance now.

You continue along the path and that same voice seems to advise you to hop off the path to the right for a bit. You do so and you see a beautiful waterfall that you hadn’t noticed. You look around and see that the trees are gorgeous and you notice that there are lovely tropical birds in the area and you just feel divine. You feel the urge to hop back on the path, which you do, but now you see that there are more signs ahead. Also there are angels, guides, and people designated just to help you on your path. At this point you feel great. You have the feeling that as long as you follow your guidance you will always be safely lead in the direction you need to go. So with a lovely smile, you continue to hum the bird’s song in your head feeling happier, more divinely connected and more trusting than ever because you know that this path leads to joy, happiness and to joyfully doing your life’s work.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.10

Today’s meditation will be very helpful for people that intend to move forward but are still finding things about themselves that they would like to release.

See yourself standing on a beach and as you do imagine that all the grains of sand on the beach make up all the experiences of who you truly are, your Divine self. There are grains of sand that you see sparkling and there are grains of sand that you don’t see sparkling. Then, find a shell that feels right to you and designate this shell to represent who you are on this earth in your human form now.

Then exercise your divine right to choose how you would like to experience yourself in this lifetime by observing all the grains of sand. You move around, taking your time to pick only the grains of sand that sparkle, leaving the rest behind knowing that you are able to do this with joy. You are not unhappy with the other grains of sand; you simply do not choose to integrate them into the shell which houses the sparkling grains of sand that you chose to place there.

When you are done you look down and realize that there is so much sand around you that you can truly be or have any of the grains that you desire while you are having this human experience but you are happy with the ones that you have chosen. You thank the rest for their guidance in this lifetime and for all of the lessons that you have learned because they were in your world but you decide that you no longer desire to learn your lessons that way. You choose to learn your lessons from the Divine. You choose to be aware of the messages and lessons that come through your clear connection with source rather than from having experiences that don’t please you or from having thoughts that create situations or physical experiences that tend to hold you back rather than move you forward. You look at this glorious shell full of sand and as you do, a radiant beam of sunlight shines lovingly down on it. After a few moments you notice that the shell is empty and that it is you that is sparkling because all of the grains of sand have been incorporated into your own divine, physical form.

We love you greatly.

Love all of us in the Angelic realm,
AA Gabriel