I'd like to welcome you to my blog! As it is already known, everything is energy. In terms of how we experience the effect of this in our life: thoughts literally have the same energetic significance as a brick. The difference is that you may see only one brick in front of you, but the thoughts you think are replaying themselves, growing stronger and feeling justified in their existence. There are many thoughts we are conscious of but there are even more that have been running around in our subconscious for a very (very!) long time. These conscious and subconscious thought "bricks" have have literally formed the platform from which we view and experience our lives. However, since thoughts exist purely in an energetic state, they are malleable and can be "re-purposed," if you will. It is here that we have the most power to make changes in our lives, before these thoughts actually create our experiences.

Also, our souls are no longer interested in pain and suffering (who would be?!) They've decided that we've had enough and that it's time for us to get in the flow and enjoy our lives. And whenever you do what lights you up, regardless of what it is, it is healing for the world. Whenever you feel joy, you raise the vibration of the energy that surrounds you. This higher-vibration energy is contageous and even raises the energy of others in your life. Since high-vibration energy attracts high-vibration experiences, joyful experiences will just be bouncin' all over the place! To that effect, the Archangels that I channel are going to give us one exercize a week to help raise the level of our own vibration, starting in the area of money.

The Interactive Toolkit for Divine Mastery is just one way to do this, but I truly hope that it makes enough shifts in all of our thoughts so that we can get on with what we came here to do: live fulfilling lives that we love and help each other along the way! The time has come for us to experience the joy and freedom of being able to fully share our contributions with the world. We are all wonderful gifts to life and the “part-time” prefix attached to our particular talent will no longer suffice. And remember that asking for help is GOOD. You've got a community of online support as well as loads of Archangels that are more than happy to be of service.

So, I invite you to put on your construction gear and get to work! The world needs the radiant light that we are!


P.S. You've come at just the right time. Please remember to have as much fun as possible during the exercises and definitely go at your own pace. I'll continue to post exercises weekly but there's no need for you to rush because you are restructing your foundations of thought. In this space, commitment and consistancy have much more value than speed.


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