Monday, May 30, 2011

Divine Love: Exercise 6.1

Yes Dear Ones,

This will be helpful for people that tend to feel they are alone and would like to feel that there is more love for them in the world.

First, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a loving pink and gold light. See that light expand until it is about 10 feet wide on either side of you. As you do this, six small lights seem to present themselves out of this beautiful circle that surrounds you. These lights continue to expand and then each one materializes into a beautiful Archangel. The one that is closest and is surrounded in pink light comes to you and says, “Please rest your head on my shoulders and feel comforted. You may not see me in this form in your physical world but know that I am always with you. I will give you strength to carry on even when you feel that you are unloved. It is quite untrue that you are unloved but I know that it is a feeling you may experience so now I will pass this gift to you.” And as your head is on his shoulder you can feel this beautiful energy being transferred to you. You say, “Thank you,” and then bow to the beautiful being.

The next Angel who is surrounded by gold light walks up to you and says, “Please lay your head on my lap and feel comforted. I am giving you the gift of vision so that you will always see love around you, especially when you seem to not feel it. I will always send you signs of love so that you will see it from strangers, from your loved ones, even in things that you read. I want you to see with your eyes that you are loved because I know that often humans need to see something in order to believe it. I give this gift to you.” You feel this beautiful transference of energy being given to you and you say, “Thank you,” and bow to this beautiful being.

The next one, surrounded by fuchsia colored light says to you, “Dear One, I love you greatly and will give to you to the gift of a powerful heart. In the face of perceiving lack of love from others, your own love for yourself and others will be so great that you will not feel the lack of love. This will get you through the toughest trials because you will know that your own love is great and that it is sourced from the Divine.” You feel this lovely transference of energy, say, “Thank you” and hug this wonderful being of light.

Then the next one surrounded by a green light approaches you and says, “Dearest One, we love you greatly and I will give the gift of joy to you. For it is often hard to feel unloved if you feel greatly joyful. It is an untruth that you are not loved but we will endeavor to give you a great feeling of joy so that you will not fall into the illusion of feeling unloved quite so frequently.” You feel this Angel surround you with his light and you feel so joyful that you could burst. You say, “Thank you” to this lovely being and then he steps aside.

Then the next Angel surrounded in purple light approaches and it is a great light indeed. He says to you, “Dear One, I will transfer the feeling of faith to you. For whatever happens, if you have great faith nothing is impossible. You will always know the truth and that the truth exists even if you don’t feel it or see it or if you don’t feel joyful. You will know that the truth exists because you have faith so this is the gift I give to you. I love you greatly.” You stand still and this beautiful being extends light out from his heart and surrounds you with it. As he does, you feel faith like you never have before. You say, “Thank you” almost in tears and then next being approaches.

An Angel surrounded by blue light approaches you and without even saying anything, simply surrounds you with a loving, blue ray of light. You can feel that this light is strengthening your connection to the Divine so that you will receive messages even more clearly than you receive them now. When you know that you are connected to the Divine you cannot feel unloved for long. Even if you feel a little unloved, before you know it you will be receiving communication that is from such a loving place that you can never feel that sad and alone again. You say thank you and bow to this beautiful being.

Then all of these beings surround you and say to you, “Dear one, we will also be with you in your physical world and we will work through the people that already exist in your life." To help remind you that they are with you, the first Archangel turns into the face of one of your closest friends, the second Archangel turns into the face of another good friend, the third Archangel turns into the face of your mother and the fourth Archangel turns into the face of your father and the fifth Archangel turns into the face of your mentor and the sixth Archangel turns into your very own face.

They say to you, “We may not look as you would think we should look but we are all Divine Beings here to show you that you are also Divine and that you are so very loved.”

We love you so greatly and we are always here with you.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Raphael

P.S. If you desire to feel any of the Archangels' gifts more strongly, simply surround yourself with the particular color associated with them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Angel Tip: From Meditation to Divine Love Fest!

I just wanted to offer a bit of guidance I recently received from Archangel Raphael. It's for people (maybe like me???) who sometimes have trouble meditating. They said that sometimes the word meditate has more I-should-be-doing-this energy than I-absolutely-love-doing-this energy attached to it. They suggested that if we give it a more inspiring name it might make the process easier and easier to keep up. Remember: A rose by any other name... ;)

Anyway, they proposed calling it a Divine Love Fest because it sounds like something that everyone would want to be in on. You can start by sitting down, putting a smile on your face and then imagining that you are surrounded by a wide column of white light that connects you to the Divine. Then imagine sending up waves of grattitude (you don't have to think "thank you" just really focus on the feeling) for all of the divine assistance you've received in your life. You can do this for as long as you feel like it.

Next, tell your Divine Soul Being that you would like to feel It's love for you and imagine it showering you with love and joy. Then see all of your Divine Guides, Angels, etc. also wanting to get in on the action and showering you with their love, too. It's kind of inevitable that you will feel even more gratittude and soon you'll be in the middle of a full-on Divine Love Fest! Also, you will have created a beautiful connection with the Divine where you will have easily switched off your thoughts and refocussed on the Light without even intentionally trying to. I've been doing it since it was suggested to me and it truly feels wonderful.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving Forward: Exercise 5.2

Yes Dear Ones,

Today’s exercise is going to be helpful for people that desire to express themselves but find it a hard thing to do at times.

Imagine yourself outside on a clear day. You’re sitting at a bus stop, there is a bus coming and you want to get on this bus. It’s a shiny, red bus and from where you are seated you can see that the people on board are having a good time. The bus gets closer and this special type of bus only stops if you use your voice to yell out to the driver that you want to board. You try to do this but no sound comes out. You waive your arms frantically but the bus just goes by and you don’t understand.

You move your hands to your throat and you suddenly realize that this has happened many times before but in different ways. You have been in situations where you’ve tried to say something and nothing came out or rather you were in situations where you thought about saying something but since you thought you wouldn’t be heard, you chose to say nothing. After doing that many times you find that your voice doesn’t seem to work at all and you even feel as if you are not being seen. You decide that this has to stop. You know that you have benefitted the lives of others and you know that you are worthwhile. Whatever that part is within you that says that what you have to say isn’t valuable has clearly been proven wrong by the simple fact that you can remember many times when what you have said has been of assistance to others. So you say to yourself, “I belong here, I am worthy and what I have to say matters! And not only does it matter, what I have to offer is crucial to Life. The lives of others may not be changed if I don’t say anything, but I will be changed if I don’t say anything and that stifled energy will affect life in ways that are not desirable.” You look up to the sky and it is blue and open and you see a few clouds pass bay. You realize that what you have to say can just be like the clouds: there doesn’t have to be an effort whenever you want to say something, you can just allow whatever you want to say to float out of your mouth with love and ease. You can let your words contribute to the beautiful design of life in the same way that the clouds contribute to the beautiful design of the sky.

You thank the Universe for this lovely inspiration and you see another bus approaching. Not only is this bus also full of people that seem to be having a wonderful time, this bus seems somehow brighter. It’s painted with beautiful colors and seems to be full of light. As the bus comes closer you literally run out into the middle of the street and hold your hand out as if to say stop! Then you sing out, in the loveliest, surest voice you’ve ever heard, “Stop! I am here and I am worthy! I desire to get on your bus!” The bus comes to a complete halt and not only do the passengers get off of the bus (they look a bit astonished at first) but then they break out into applause. They rush towards you with open arms, laughs and warm hugs. They say to you, “Do you know how many times we had to ride by on that bus until you said something! It’s about time. Welcome aboard my friend!”

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Archangel Uriel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving Forward: Exercise 5.1

So Yes Dear Ones,

This is an exercise that will be helpful to people that feel they need to develop more courage to continue on their spiritual paths.

The first thing to do is to imagine yourself surrounded by a large white bubble of light that extends three feet around you on all sides. Then imagine this bubble of white light slowly expanding outwards but also expanding inwards as if into your very DNA. Then imagine this light merging with every cell of your being and sounding a lovely note as it does. Once you feel that every part of your body is radiant with this light, feel your body’s cells expanding into a cloud of light that has no defining features – no face, no hair, and no appendages – just a beautiful cloud of white light.

Next see and feel the beautiful light that you are slowly turn pink, then gold and finally blue. Then gradually see the molecules of light coalesce as your body begins to take shape again. When you have fully reformed, notice that even though most of you looks like your normal everyday self, your heart seems to still be glowing with light. And for some reason, whenever you look at others (regardless of whether you consciously like them or not) you seem to see that person’s heart and always make a loving heart connection with them. Also you find that every time you genuinely smile at someone your own heart sings and grows stronger and brighter.

This is of great assistance because it is your soul and your heart that are your connection to the Divine and it is the Divine that wishes you to move joyfully along your path. And now, every time you do something that makes you feel good, your heart grows stronger and you become more easily drawn to your life’s purpose. This is an exercise that you can do whenever you like and also you can make it a practice to do things that make you happy even in your day to day lives.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Archangel Uriel

Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.5

Ok Dear Ones,

This visualization is going to be very important for people that desire to see themselves differently or rather desire to see who they truly are beyond what it is that they are used to.

Imagine yourself outside on a day that is very windy. You are having trouble seeing because of all of the leaves that are blowing so you decide to look within for guidance on how to navigate your direction. You ask your inner guidance which direction it is best that you go and you follow the guidance you receive for as long as you can. You continue a bit further but you have too much trouble seeing so you walk into a little café that you find. There are only a few other people inside who are also seeking shelter from the wind.

You go up to the person behind the bar and the barista says, “Wow, I’m so glad that you’re here. We’ve been waiting for someone like you to come help us. I can tell that you have a great heart and great vision because you were able to make it this far.” You look at the person behind the bar and laugh and say, “Who me? No, I just came in because I wanted to go somewhere but the wind was too fierce and I couldn’t go further so I stopped in here.” Nonetheless the person behind the bar comes around and hugs you and tells everyone that you made it through the wind and you wonder why this is a big deal. You notice that on the radio they are talking about how damaging the winds are and you ask where you are. They tell you and you realize that you have come much, much further than you thought you had simply because you were following your inner guidance rather than focusing on what was going on around you.

Then the person says to you, “Here, take this coffee. It is very invigorating. I would offer you more but we are all out of what we have at the moment. Please tell us your story.” You begin to tell of your journey and they look at you amazed and you begin to become aware that who they are seeing is different from who you believe yourself to be. You tell them, “I’m very sorry but I do not believe that I am worthy of all your kind admiration. Yes, I made it here but that is normal. I just followed my inner guidance and arrived here with almost no problem.” The people look at you and ask, “What is this inner guidance? It does not feel familiar to me but if that is your connection to the Divine, I would like that, too.”

So you tell them the story of how you came to be so clearly connected with your Source and while doing so you can feel their hearts lighting up around you. You can see their eyes widen and that they are becoming more hopeful. Also within their eyes is a reflection of yourself that you had never before seen, but nonetheless is a true reflection of you. You excuse yourself for a moment and go to a back room and look upwards and say, “God, is that what you wanted me to see? And if so, thank you. I am willing to see who I truly am. And here, amongst these gentle people, I have realized that I have come a great distance, and not just in the physical distance it took to reach this café. Thank you greatly. I am now ready to see myself as I truly am and be of service according to your highest wishes. For me it is a joy and I am grateful to be a part of your higher will.”

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Archangel Chamuel

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Divine Guidance: Exercise 4.4

Today’s visualization will be helpful for people that want to look within but are finding it a bit difficult or rather are finding themselves stopped at doing the work because they don’t feel that they are worthy or will stick to the program.

The first thing to do to see yourself outside safely under a tree while it is raining. You are not sure what to do because even though you really want to go home, you are in a large field that is far from your home and you are rather safe where you are. You wonder, “Is it worth it for me to go out in the rain and get wet just so I can go home or should I stay under the tree where it is dry and safe but possibly be here for hours. I know what awaits me at home is wonderful but the weather is a bit odd and I’m sure it’s very dangerous.” Suddenly, a Being of Light descends and joins you under the tree and says to you, “Dear One, if you want to go home I will help you, but it is up to you to make the decision. If you desire to stay here, I will protect you and keep you safe.” So you think about it and you can feel that this lovely Being is telling you the truth and will support you either way, so you decide to go home. You tell this lovely Being of Light your choice and you set out into the rain.

At first you find that the rain is rather cold and sharp and it is windier than you thought. But you turn around and your Being of Light is right there behind you making sure that you are safe, even if things feel a bit unpleasant at the time. You continue forward. Soon you begin to slide in the mud but you don’t fall. You check behind you and your Lovely Being of Light is still right there to protect you, just as it said it would. You move forward with more courage. Then you approach a river that you had forgotten about. It is normally quite easy to cross on a sunny day but it seems to be more difficult with the wind and the rain. You look at your Being of Light and say, “I can’t do it. The current is moving too swiftly at this time.” And your lovely Being of Light says to you, “Since you want to go home, I will help you. Here, come into my arms and I will carry you.” You walk into the arms of your Divine Being and he carries you safely to the other side. The entire time you are in this Being’s arms you feel safe and warm and dry and loved and protected. And when he puts you down, you feel so full of love and gratitude that the skies literally begin to clear, the wind dies down, the air warms up and you hear a few birds chirping as the rain fades into a light mist.

Now you can clearly see your home and it appears much closer than you remember. You know that you can make it home safely but your lovely Being of Light doesn’t leave - he is still with you. He walks you to your home and even comes into your home with you. You know, of course, that this is your home but it looks brighter, feels clearer and seems to be bursting with love. You feel inspired just by being here and find yourself with an increasing sense of peace. You look at your Being of light and say, “Thank you. I don’t think I could have made this journey alone.” Your Being of Light says, “You needn’t worry about that – you will never have to make the journey alone. Just look to your heart and let it be your guide. When you do, you will always have the help you need.”

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

AA Chamuel