~ About Chernise

Chernise Spruell, founder of Nurturing the Shift, is a channel that has been on a journey of truth and self-discovery for about 15 years.  It is in the last three years under the spiritual tutelage of Annette Charité, however, that her life has really lept forward.  During this time she discovered her ability to channel messages and energy from Archangels and finally uncovered what lights her up: empowering others to create a life that fulfils them while enhancing the connection with their own divine guidance. Now, she and the Archangels work with the energy in your body, home and outlook to harmoniously shift you into the driver’s seat of your own life.  


A few people wanted to know how I became a channel so I thought I'd post it here.  It's a pretty long story but I don't think I can start anywhere after this point and have it make sense. 

Basically a few years ago I decided that the following year would be the "year of me." It would be the year that I really started to forgive, love and accept myself truly.  Of course I didn't know how I was going to do that, but that's what my goal was.  I guess it's also good to note that I consciously started on the spiritual path about 14 years ago even though I wavered on and off the path a lot!  Anyway, I participated in a really amazing workshop that was intended to help people take action even though feeling fear.  It was great for a lot of things but I planned to use this newfound courage to audition for musicals since I didn't really like auditioning.  Unfortunately, at the end of the workshop I tore a tendon which caused me to give up thoughts of dancing immediately so I turned to my second love at the time: spirituality.  For months, I filled any spare time I had with Abraham-hicks CDs, book #3 in the St. Germain Foundation series and one of Orin and Daben's books (I can't remember which one).

A woman I met during the workshop soon became my spiritual coach (even that's a cool story, but I don't want you to get bored!) and for the first year I had sessions with her about every two to three months.  I had committed more or less to my spiritual path (sometimes more, sometimes less) but then I guess the Universe figured I was serious and began to send me more energy.  This is what I know from hindsight, but at the time all I knew is that when I was in public places I felt like I was being squished to the ground or like I would faint and I'm not claustrophobic.  For about two weeks, whenever I lay down to sleep at night it felt like my throat was being stifled.  I even used Vicks a few times in hopes that it would open my air passage so I could breathe because it felt like I was being choked.  I tried placing blue colored stones on my neck to open my throat chakra and would sleep with my head fully arched back so my throat passage would stay open but nothing helped. I told my coach about this who first asked if I felt I needed medical assistance, but I told her that it felt somehow related to spirit. She suggested I meet with her every two weeks instead of every two months, which I did and I don't remember having any more problems breathing after that. 

A bit later, I received a clear quartz crystal in the mail as a thank you for a tithe offering I had given.  I didn't know anything about crystals at the time, but I really respected the people that sent it to me. Also, the selling of crystals wasn't even part of their business so I knew this must be special.  I've since learned that one of the healing properties of clear quartz is that it removes spiritual blocks which I also think really open the pathyways for me to channel.  One day soon after that, I was at work (I was an admin in an investment bank) when my hands flew to the keyboard and started typing.  I wasn't completely freaked out because I had read that something similar happened to the woman who channels Abraham, but I was still DEFINITELY weirded out.  The typing didn't make any sense at all, but the energy of the experience didn't feel unsafe or scary - just different and very odd. But it was clear (and kind of funny) that my fingers had something they wanted to say. I told my coach about this who then said that if this energy was coming from the highest sources that the messages would be clear.  She had me demand protection of Archangel Michael and declare to him that I would only accept the absolute highest energy from the absolute highest sources.  This made me feel safer but, still the typing was unclear.  Then during another session my coach suggested I create some type of pamphlet to share things I've learned along my path because it might be of benefit to others. Right after I began to create the pamphlet, the typed messages became clear and made sense.

The name of the being communicating through me was called Rose (she said she was a Goddess) and she ended up typing over 300 messages through me, all of which I saved.  She helped me with everything from making tables to forgiving myself easier to relationships -just everything.  One evening she said that she would soon be speaking through me and asked me to download a recording device, which I did.  Enter: another "slightly weird" experience.  Wonderfully enough, so I wouldn't be completely freaked out, all she said in the first message she spoke through me was "We love you, all is well."  It was wonderful having her with me but about three months later, in a session with my healer Natalie Berthold (the first person I ever chanelled for) she said that Rose might be leaving and either an Archangel or an Ascended Master would come through me next.  A few days later Archangel Jophiel came through, then about three months later Archangel Raziel, then Archangel Ariel and currently Archangel Gabriel.

So that's pretty much how it started.  Although, during the seven preceding years I'd been able to ask a question of the Universe and if the answer was "yes" my face would do a mini-smile and if the answer was "no" it would do a mini-frown.  So I guess technically that counts as my first channelling experience.  But I found out that channeling/coaching/healing is what I'd like to do from working with my own coach and knowing how much of a difference this has made in my life.  So many people helped me along the way that I'd love to be of similar assistance for others. Having such a clear, reliable connection with my Divine Guidance means everything to me and I'd love to be able to help others build that connection as well.

Love and Light,