Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving Your Self: Exercise 8.5

Dear Ones,

This exercise will be helpful to people who wish to connect to their Divine Guidance in a clearer way.

First, see yourself standing in front of a full length mirror. Imagine that from your third eye, from your heart and from your solar plexus are three beautiful lights, each corresponding with the color of that chakra, extending forward, through the mirror and connecting with your reflection. This reflection represents your own view and imaging of your Self, including your personality.

As this light connects with your reflection, you are to see your reflection filling with these lights and becoming, instead of a swirl of the previously mentioned colors, a beautiful golden light. And as you imagine this light expanding, imagine that this light also explodes upwards into a beautiful column of light that connects to your Divine Soul Being. Within this column of light you can imagine many long tubes of light, almost like fiber optics, making up this column. Each tube is a two-way pathway for information from your Source of Divine Guidance to you.

As you are doing this, know that you are opening new pathways to the Divine and that you are forever connected with information from your Divine Source in a way that you did not previously allow, even though it was accessible to you. So now, whenever you feel that you would like to connect with your divinity, in a way that allows for clarity and increasing trust so that you can move forward with confidence in your path, you have simply to do this exercise and give thanks for the expanding love, light, clarity and trust in your life.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.
Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,

AA Haniel

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loving Your Self: Exercise 8.4

Yes Dear Ones,

The first thing to do is to see yourself standing on a snow covered mountain on a clear, crisp, sunny day. You look above and see that you are not quite at the top even though you were just there and you are currently on your way down. You look ahead and there are many slopes, ridges and other things that you have seen before that can make the journey more fun although by looking at them you might think that they are a bit frightening. Then you start to ski down the slopes and you encounter the first bump. As you sail over it you find that it is a bit of a thrill and then you encounter a swift turn and you feel the whoosh of the energy. Then you see a tree ahead and you glide around it as if it were nothing. You really feel in the flow of things. You feel as if this the way life should be even when you are moving quite fast. You are in the flow and as obstacles appear you don’t slow your momentum at all - you approach them, accept them, experience them and then move on to the next one. You notice this is because you are not resisting them. You are not asking, "Why is there a tree in the middle of my path?" because you know that the tree is exactly where it is supposed to be. When you don’t resist a thing, when you accept a thing as having been put in your life for a reason and you know that you are on a divinely guided path you find that your journey can be like a game. You see the tree, you don’t panic, you accept the tree, you swiftly move around the tree and you continue the ride.

You have the thought, “Wow! My life CAN be like this. I can remind myself that I am safe and that the Universe provides for me. I can see things that previously may have felt large or scary but I can continue to move toward them knowing that they have been put here for a reason. No extra emotions, just an awareness and appreciation and a being-in-the-moment-with-extreme-awareness so I can be present enough in the situation to enjoy it, learn from it and grow." And then You realize that when you don’t resist things, no matter how many bumps and turns there are, your life can be smooth. When you are questioning the "whys" of everything in your life you find that you miss the point of the entire ride which is one of enjoyment and ease, of effortlessness and thrills, of clarity and understanding and fun. You vow to remember to think of this lovely ski ride whenever you encounter an obstacle in life and that you can ask for the Universe to assist you with whatever bumps may appear.

Afterwards when you arrive at the bottom and turn around to look back up the mountain you see something odd about the underside of those seeming challenges (bumps and rocks and trees). They are all sparkling and you notice that they weren't rocks, or bumps at all - they were huge, radiant diamonds that were helping shape yours into a beautiful, magical and rich journey.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.
Love all of us in the Angelic Realm

Archangel Haniel