Visualization / Affirmation Toolbox


These are visualizations you can use throughout the process of working with the Interactive Tookit and can be used as frequently as you want. The great thing is that the more often you do them, the more effective they are. Just be sure to give yourself a few minutes to relax and get quiet within before you do them.


This one causes the experiences of your life to fall into Divine Order. Not sure what Divine Order is? Well frankly, if you were in a diner and "Divine Order" were on the menu, you'd want extra helpings of everything! Things like: joyful experiences, being in the right place at the right time, joyous encounters with people, the right spiritual teacher, and divine growth are just a sample of items that would come under that heading. Here's the visualization.

-Visualize a wide open, beautiful sky. Imagine that this sky represents your life.
-See the sky full of radiant stars, large and small. These stars represent the events of your life.
-See the stars moving slowly and harmoniously towards the center of the sky where they collect to form one brilliant, column of light. Feel the joy they radiate as this is happening.
-Know that now, divine order is taking place in your life.

This visualization helps release blocks to financial abundance while helping you develop a more positive relationship with it.

-See yourself seated in the center of a white ball of light surrounded by a brown layer of gunk (nice word, eh?) full of your thoughts of lack and why you can't have money.
-Then see white, pink, green, and yellow light coming down through the top of your head, going through your heart and out through the brown layer of thoughts completely disolving it.
-Then see, just on the other side of the layer of gunk, millions of $100 dollar bills jumping, giggling, and excited that the barrier has been disolved. See them running to jump into your lap and just be happy to be in your presence. You can also see trees covered in leaves of $100 bills that fall into your hands and multilply. Have as much fun with this visualization as you like!


These are affirmations you can use as often as you like while doing the exercizes in this toolkit. They can make for a much smoother journey. Enjoy!


"I am safe, it's only change."

"I am willing to allow the good in my life to expand."

"I am willing to see money as a gift from the Universe."

"I am willing to believe everyone prospers when I prosper!"

"I am willing to believe it is ok for me to have an abundance of money."

"I love myself and I am worthy of the best!"