Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year's Intention Setting with Krista Mitchell (RockWhisperer) 1/3/13

Hi All!

I'll be one of the practitioners in Krista Mitchell's NYE intention setting event again and I must say that being part of her event last year was a powerful way to start 2012.  After I finished giving the individual sessions at last year's event (pricing is detailed below) I was able to participate in her group meditation.  Seriously.  Wow.  Just powerful good goodness.  I can't say too much more than if there's any time to invest in yourself, now is it and she's definitely the person to do it with.  Come to Krista's event to get some Angel lovin', some chakra lovin', some faery lovin', some 2013 lovin' and some super wonderful Krista lovin'!  I can't wait to see you there! 

Here's what Krista has to say about her event:

Join us for a magical guided journey, aligning the power of each of our chakras with our vision and will. We will join in fiery Faery revels to heal and release old wounds into purifying flame, and then harness the creative force to make manifest new intentions for the new year!

Please come with 2 separate written lists:  5 things you wish to heal/release with 2012, and 5 things you wish to set as intentions for 2013.  This meditation will incorporate light hypnotherapy techniques, and a crystal for you to keep that you will charge with your intentions.  Also please bring your own yoga mat or cushion.  Some chairs will be made available at the back of the room for people who need added support.

After the meditation, there will be psychics, mediums, astrologers & energy healers available by first come/first serve appointment to offer guidance & healing as we begin this new and powerful year!

This event sells out every year, so it is highly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance (*Policy: All ticket sales are final.  Once the meditation begins at 6:40pm the doors will be closed and no entrance will be permitted until 7:20pm.  By purchasing your ticket you agree to these policies).

When: Thursday, Jan. 3rd, 2013 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.  Meditation starts promptly at 6:40pm, readings/healings begin at 7:30pm
Where:  The Meta Center, 214W 29th St., 16th Floor, NYC, 212-736-0999
Admission:  $25

Thursday, December 13, 2012

*COMPLIMENTARY Energy Healing & Channeling Session 12/16 @ 7pm EST

Save the date for our FREE call-in Energy Healing and Channeling Session. The call will be next Sunday on 12/16/12, from 7-8pm, with Dina Vitantonio (well known author and Energy Therapist)and Chernise Spruell (well known angelic and ascended master channeler). To register for this FREE event, please send an email to:

and in the subject heading put REGISTAR_program 2

In the email include your name, email, number, city/state and if you choose, (optional) set your intention for the call. If time permits, and depending on the amount of callers, individual mini readings may be offered.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

In Peace, Love and Light,
Dina and Chernise

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Fair Dec 9th from 12-6 in NYC

Hi All!

I'll be at the Meta Center again for their holiday fair and I hope to see you there!  You can have a 20 minute session for $25 and I think it should be said that Archangels are BIG on quality (vs. quantity!)  If you're in town and feel the urge, definitely come by.

All the love!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Healing Visualization for the Earth and Her Inhabitants

Hello All,

I would like to offer this Healing Visualization for the Earth from some LightBeings who love us very much:

Please imagine a powerful stream of golden, white and pink light coming from your I AM Presence down through your crown chakra and pooling in your heart center. As this light gathers in your heart, notice how you feel. Remember how grateful you are for your life, for the love
that you have, for your family, for the employment that you have, for all that is wonderful in your life. Remember this and let this energy merge with the beautiful light that is flooding your body. When you feel that you are completely aglow with gratitude imagine that the Earth is in front of you. Reach out and take her into your hands and look on her lovingly as you would a small child. Then, direct all of that gratitude you feel, all the love you feel, and the joy you feel towards this beautiful planet and everyone on it. Feel the joy that the planet feels from receiving your love. Imagine that you are telling the Earth that everything will be fine and that you will take care of her and that you love how much she has taken care of you. Ask her for forgiveness for all of the times that you took advantage of her and neglected her when you were coming from a less enlightened place. Then ask the Divine Caretakers of the Earth to see that she gets everything she needs to feel loved, respected and cared for. Ask that the Earth go through her Healing and Cleansing process in the most harmonious way possible that still ensures that her needs are met. Ask the Divine Caretakers to also take care of all those look to the Earth for earthly survival and that they too, begin to appreciate the Earth. Then, when you feel complete, take a deep breath in and close by simply saying, “I decree, ask, command and give thanks that this is so, sustained, maintained and self-sustaining, for the Highest Good of all Concerned, to the Great Glory of God that I AM. Thank you! So Be It!”

With greatest love,
The Angelic Realm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

*COMPLIMENTARY Angel-Intro night. NYC 10/17 7pm EST ♥

  • Do you yearn for a stronger connection with the Divine without having a clue how to do it?   
  • Is it easier for you to feel a Divine connection when you’re helping others than when in your own, day-to-day life? 
  • Have you spent time and money on empowering workshops only to find later that they didn't give you the clear, lasting Divine connection you wanted?
Well, I know exactly how you feel because I was there, too. I was definitely on the "conscious path” but did NOT know how to move forward after a certain point. I’d read the books, I'd done the workshops (many, many workshops…) but nothing seemed to give me that “shift” in connection that I craved. 

Fast forward a bit and I’m in a place of undeniable connection and am living a miracle-filled life that is more wonderful than I imagined. At the event, I'll share a bit of the journey of how I became connected, give you clear steps to enhance your own connection and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly of Archangel Azrael and Ascended Master Jesus whom I will be channeling. It’s bound to be a lovely event and I would love to have you there.

Make sure to RSVP to with ARCHANGEL INTRO in the subject line if you plan to attend. Oh, and please bring a friend!

Wednesday, October 17th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
304 Maujer Street, #2R, Williamsburg
Between Morgan & Waterbury Streets
Cost: Complimentary

*There will be munchies but feel free to bring some along. It will add to the already festive Angel LoveFest! xo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My friend forwarded this article to me and I felt a lovely imperative to send it to you.  Our hearts are definitely large enough to do this and besides - we have a lot of help!  Ask for assistance to effortlessly stay in the space of love regarding the government, all parts of your world and all of life. Namaste <3


Focus On Divine Government!
by Patricia Cota-Robles

October 2, 2012

In the United States of America we are in the midst of a Presidential election that is modeling to the world the antithesis of our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love. The candidates at national, state, and local levels have spent billions of dollars to have the media bombard us 24-hours a day with every conceivable negative thoughtform about their opponent. Even though we know better, it is very easy to get pulled into the polarizing fracas, thus, we become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Even well intentioned Lightworkers are adding to the chaos by forwarding negative e-mails and focusing their thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs on everything they think is wrong with the person their candidate is running against. The Company of Heaven wants to remind us that due to the urgency of the hour, nothing could be more counter productive to Earths Ascension process.

Elections have always been tumultuous, but this time it is different. This time we are in the midst of the last stages of preparation Humanity must go through before we experience the greatest influx of Light we have ever received in any time frame or dimension since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This influx of Light will take place in two stages. The first will be December 12, 2012, 12:12:12, and the second will take place when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way during the December Solstice, December 21, 2012.

Whatever people focus on with their thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs between now and those two events is being greatly amplified and empowered. If we are focusing on what we DO NOT want in our life and everything that is wrong with the world and the people in it, we are exponentially expanding the negative things that are causing so much pain and suffering.

This in not new information. This is the essence of the life-transforming information the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have been revealing to us for decades. Our thoughts and feelings are creative faculties. Where our attention is there we are! We all know this profound Truth. It is only the manipulation of our fear-based human egos that have pulled us back into the destructive game of duality and separation. We are ONE! There is no such thing as us and them. Every negative thing we think, feel, say, or do is adding to our pain and suffering and the negativity of every person, place, condition, or thing on Earth. To keep acting out of these obsolete behavior patterns when we know better is ludicrous, unconscionable, and defies common sense.

So lets go back to the Presidential elections. Either President Obama or Governor Romney is going to be elected to the office of President of the United States of America during the most transformative time in the history of the world. Currently they are both saying whatever they need to say to get elected. They are both rehashing the policies of their respective political parties, which in most instances have not been successful. And they are blaming the other party for the havoc that has been wreaked in the lives of the American people.

The electorate in most cases is jumping on the bandwagon and empowering the negative thought forms by getting emotionally involved with the negativity instead of focusing on the positive things we would like our candidate to bring to the office of the Presidency.  When we focus on the past failures of anyone we empower them. By doing this for the Presidential candidates, we are burying both men in an overwhelming forcefield of negativity that will be extremely difficult to transcend. No matter who gets elected, if the President of the United States is so buried in negative thoughtforms that he cannot get his head above the mud puddle, we will all pay the price.

The reality is that we should be doing the exact opposite of that. No matter who we are voting for, we should invoke the I AM Presence of President Obama and the I AM Presence of Governor Romney to take full dominion of their life, so that whoever gets elected will be able to transcend the obsolete and failed policies of both political parties. It is critical that our next President be able raise up in consciousness effectively enough to tap into the patterns of perfection within our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love and our newly birthed Renaissance of Love. These patterns contain viable solutions for every single malady Humanity has created through the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling. These patterns contain win-win solutions that will enhance life for every person on Earth through Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

The Company of Heaven is reiterating these basic Truths at this time because we are going to have to be cognizant of what we are empowering with the focus of our attention and especially what we are communicating during the next few months. The bombardment through the media is going to get more intense. We are being asked to hold the vision for Divine Government. This will be a government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A government that is working for the highest good for every particle of Life on Earth and reflecting the patterns of perfection for our Renaissance of Divine Love.

The Company of Heaven has given us some invocations that will help us stay focused during these vitally important months. If they resonate in your heart, please join with Lightworkers around the world who are holding the sacred space for the Immaculate Concept of Divine Government to manifest in the United States of America and every country in the world
Call  For  Divine  Government
I AM,  I AM,  I AM.

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.

I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of Gods Will and Divine Illumination in, through, and around every person involved with the governments of Earth at international, national, state, and local levels.

Blaze the Sacred Fires of Gods Will and Divine Illumination in, through, and around the electorate and governmental officials of all nations.

Let every person feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom, and Love of our Father-Mother God flowing through them as they elect their governments and vote on all issues before them.

SEAL this activity of Light within every persons Heart Flame.

Expand this Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousandfold with every breath I take.


And so it is, Beloved I AM.

Divine Government Invocation

I AM breathing the Breath of the Holy Spirit into the deepest recesses of my Being. Every breath I take cleanses my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I hold the focus of my attention on each breath as it lifts me into the full embrace of my I AM Presence.

I surrender to the perfection of my true God Reality.

I AM One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God, I AM One with the Company of Heaven, I AM One with every man, woman, and child evolving on this sweet Earth. From within the silence of my heart I affirm:

I AM a Beloved Child of God, and ALL that my Father-Mother God have is mine.

I invoke the All-pervading Light of the Universe, the Supreme Source of all LifeAll That Is.

I kneel within my heart in recognition of the Light of the Cosmos, and I draw forth the Flames representing the threefold activity of Life, as exemplified by the Holy Trinity.

I invoke the Blue Flame, which represents the Divine Power of my Father God.

I invoke the Pink Flame, which represents the Divine Love of my Mother God.

I invoke the Yellow-gold Flame, which represents the Divine Wisdom
of the Sons and Daughters of Godthe I AM Presence.

Beloved Father-Mother God, come now and assert your rightful authority
within me and within ALL Humanity.

Show us how to reverently express the perfectly balanced activity
of Gods Love, Wisdom, and Power.

O, Supreme Light, I acknowledge you in all Life.

I give gratitude to the glorious Cosmic and Ascended Beings, as I invoke them and the great Angelic Host to amplify the energy which I AM releasing to assist with cocreating Divine Government for the United States of America and every country on Earth.

This is destined to be a Government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity,
BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity.

Beloved Presence of Godthe Source of All that IsI love and adore you. I acknowledge you as the owner and giver of my life, my intelligence, my substance, my all.

Seal me in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Victorious Accomplishment. Blaze your Light before me and prepare the way that I may always walk the path of Light.

Guard and protect me, guide and direct me, and give me the Illumination of the Truth that will set me FREE.

Help me to BE your Divine Love in action at all times, and sustain your Love through me to bless all Life.

I invoke the I AM Presence of every soul that is in anyway associated with the governments of the Earth. Beloved Ones, direct, sustain, and expand the portion of the Divine Plan which is that souls destiny.

I Invoke the entire Company of Heaven to direct their full-gathered momentum of Loving and Illumined Obedience to Gods Will into the feelings, minds, and worlds of all governmental and business leaders throughout the planet.

Through the Power and Presence of God, I AM, I decree that Divine Government shall manifest NOW, and that ALL Humanity shall follow the Will of God with Reverence for ALL Life and the highest good for all concerned.

And so it is, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM that I AM.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization            
FAX: 520-751-2981
Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
PO Box 41883
Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.

©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love from the Trees

Hi All,

I had an amazing experience in Florida recently and started receiving messages from the lovely Palms pictured above.  Here two of the ones they wanted me to share with you.  The first one is in response to my question of how we can assist the Earth in her evolution.  The second is about enhancing our connection with them.

What the Earth needs is for people to view her as a Being that they are working alongside of. It is important that people appreciate her and hold space for her evolution. They can do this by choosing to hold lovely visions of a beautifully, vibrant Earth whenever their thoughts might go to "the Earth's evolution is causing so much trouble in my energy field." They can do this by looking to their own evolution which will naturally lead to a more harmonious and conscious relationship with the Earth. As she is a living, breathing, being, when we hold the space for her growth, it gives her the space for this to happen in whatever way is best for her, without our judgement, and that is also harmonious for us.

Please tell the people that we have so much to give. The fruits we bear are for them. Let them know that they can come sit at the base of our trunks and we will assist them with their energy as much as they allow. Ask them to envision themselves nestled in our branches or in a human-sized nest in our branches so they will begin to see us for the nurturing beings that we are. That will allow them to desire to connect with us in a greater way, which will lead to creating a channel for clear communication between us. In this way we will be able to assist them more, they will be able to assist us more and together we will be able to assist the Earth more.

Love to you all <3

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hi All!

My parents are visiting with me now so instead of posting one of my own channeled messages, I'm posting a message from Ascended Master Jeshua (Jesus) as channeled by the lovely Pamela Kribbe.  It's from and I found it at just the right time.  I hope you enjoy it.

With greatest Love,


Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I am with you. Through the barriers of space and time, I stand next to you; feel me in your heart. I am so familiar with being human – the heights and the depths. I have explored the whole area of human feelings, and inside that world of extremes, I eventually found a way out; a passage to a different way of looking at things, through which the whole experience of being human presents itself in a different light – a way that creates tranquility and peace in your heart.

It is about this way out, this passage, that I would like to speak to you today. Many of you find yourselves in a dilemma; a struggle you have with yourself. There is an idea alive in your mind that you should be better, and other than what you are now. That you should be more highly developed, holier, better able to follow certain rules, a higher ideal you have for yourself – but this is a false ideal. All this working on yourself is based on the idea that you are not good as you are; that there is something else; that you have the power to change yourself; that you have control over the fact that you are a human. This is an old idea, and one you fully experienced in a very old era.

This idea existed, in part, in Atlantis, where you developed the third eye, and where you experienced it as the center of observation in your head. From that third eye you could perceive, and from there, also, you wanted to intervene, to mold life to your wishes. There was a certain tendency toward domination in you, but this tendency was also inspired by your concept of truth. You had the idea that you acted on the basis of higher principles, so that what you did was “good” – and so it always goes. Power is always veiled by ideas that are thought to be good. A whole ideology is then built around such an idea, making it a worldview that appears as striving for what is good, while in essence, you are trying to control life – both in yourself and in others.

Power corrupts – it alienates you from the natural flow of life that is present in every human being. Power gives you a concept of malleability that, in fact, is based on illusion. Life, as you know it, is not pliable in that way, and is not determined by reason, or by the will, or from the third eye. Life does not fit into a worldview or a system, and it can not be organized on the basis of mental processes.

For a long time, you entered into a battle with your humanity – the human condition. Lots of spiritual paths are based on the idea that you must work on yourself, that you have to elevate yourself, and that you have to impose on yourself a planned path of action that will lead you into an ideal situation. But this idea creates much inner struggle. If you start with the idea of a required ideal, you impose standards upon yourself you very well know inside you do not or can not meet – so you fail from the outset.

Feel, now, the energy of this way of thinking: what you are doing to yourself, what energy comes from the need to impose, from the quest to improve yourself, and from the desire to organize life, your emotions, and your thoughts. Feel the energy of wanting to control things. Is that a loving energy? Often, that energy poses as love, as the good and the true, but power always conceals itself in this way so it is easier for people to accept. Power does not show its face openly; power seduces through thought. That is why it is better to not think about, but to feel what the desire to control life is doing to you. Look at yourself in your daily life, in the present, in your life now. How often do you still do battle with yourself, do you condemn what rises up in you, what naturally springs up in you and wants to flow? In this state of judgement sits a criticizing energy, a coldness: “this should not be, this is wrong, this needs to go away”. Feel this energy – does it help you?
I want to now take you to a different way of looking at yourself; a place where change can occur, but without fighting, without a heavy-handed tackling of yourself. To make this clear, let me give you an example. Imagine something happens in your life that calls up a feeling of anger or irritation in you – whatever you want to name it. Now, you can react to that anger in different ways. If you are not used to reflecting on your emotions, and your reactions are very primary, then there is nothing there but anger – you are angry, period. You are engulfed in it, and you identify with the anger. Often, it then happens that you put the cause of your anger outside yourself – you project the blame onto someone else. Someone else did something wrong and it is his or her fault that you feel angry. This is the most primary reaction – you are identified with your anger, you are angry.

Another possibility is what I call the second way to react. You are angry and there is immediately a voice in your head that says, “this should not happen; this is wrong; it is not good that I became angry; I must suppress this.” It might be that suppressing your anger has been taught to you through your religious upbringing or from a societal perspective. For example: it is better, nicer, more morally upright not to show your anger to others. It certainly applies to women that it is not fitting to express anger openly – that it is not feminine.

There are all sorts of ideas you have been talked into, causing you to judge anger in yourself. Then what happens? There is anger in you, and immediately there wells up an opinion over it: “this is not allowed, this is wrong.” Your anger then becomes your shadow side because, literally, it may not come into the Light – it should not be seen. What happens to the anger if it is suppressed in this way? It does not disappear, it goes behind your back to affect you in other ways; it may cause you to be scared and anxious. You can not utilize the power that resides in the anger, because you do not allow yourself to use it. You may show your sweet, nice, helpful side, but not that passionate, angry side – the rebellious side of yourself. So the anger becomes locked in, and you think you are different from other people because you have these feelings, so you might even start to distance yourself from others. In any case, this creates a bitter conflict inside yourself, and seemingly between two selves, a Light self and a Dark self. Meanwhile, you are caught in this painful game, and it hurts inside, because you can not express yourself. It is this judgement that limits you.

Do you really become a better person because of this reaction? Is suppressing your own emotions going to lead you to the ideal of a peaceful, loving human being? If I describe all this to you, you can see very clearly that this type of reaction does not work – it does not lead to real peace, to real inner balance. Yet you do all this to yourself. Very often, you silence your emotions, because they are not good according to the morals you hold, and you do not reflect on these morals – where they come from, and by whom or by what have they been fed to you. So this is what I recommend you do: to not think about it, but to feel it. Feel that energy that resides in the judgments you fire toward yourself, with your images of what is ideal and what you “should do”, which sometimes comes out of seemingly very high motives – let that be. You do not become enlightened by reining in your emotions and by systematically suppressing them.

There is a third way – a third way to experience your own human emotions. The first way was to totally identify with your anger, as in the previous example. The second way was to crowd it out, to suppress it and to condemn it. The third way is to allow it – to let it be and to transcend it. That is what consciousness does. The consciousness of which I speak does not judge – it is a state of being. It is a way of observation that is at the same time creative. Now, many spiritual traditions have said: be aware of yourself, that is sufficient. But then you wonder: how can that be? How can the mere awareness of myself bring about change in the flow of my emotions? You have to realize that consciousness is something very powerful. It is much more than a passive registering of an emotion – consciousness is an intense creative force.

Now imagine again that something in the outside world evokes a powerful emotion in you – for example, anger. When you deal with it consciously, you observe it fully in yourself. You do nothing about it, while at the same time you keep observing and watching. You no longer identify with the anger, you do not lose yourself in it, you just allow the anger to be what it is. This is a state of detachment, but a detachment that takes great strength, because everything you have learned seduces you into being drawn into your moods, inside the emotion of anger or fear. And to make it more complicated, you also get drawn into judgment about that anger or fear. So you are being drawn in two ways and pulled away from consciousness, the exit I talked about in the beginning: the exit that is the road to inner peace. Your usual ways of dealing with emotions draw you away from that center point, as it were, away from that consciousness, and yet this is the only way out. Only by silently observing the full extent of the emotion, you do not become unconscious, you remain entirely present. You do not let yourself be drawn in – neither by the emotion, nor by the judgment about the emotion. You look at it in full consciousness and with a feeling of softness: ”this is the way it is in me”.

“I see anger arise in me; I feel it course through my body”. “My stomach reacts, or my heart; my thoughts are racing to justify reasons for my emotion”. “My thoughts tell me I am right and not the other person.” All this you can see happen as you observe yourself, but you do not go along with it. You do not drown in it; you do not go under. That is consciousness – this is clarity of mind. And in this way you bring to rest the demons in your life: the fear, the anger, the mistrust. You give them strength when you identify with them, or if you fight them with judgement – either way, you nurture them. The only way to transcend them is to rise above them, as it were, with your consciousness – not to fight them, but simply to let them be.
What then happens to you? Consciousness is not something static; things do not remain as they are. You will notice that if you do not nourish the energy of the emotion or of your judgment about it, they will gradually dissipate. In other words, your equilibrium becomes stronger; your basic feeling becomes more one of peace and joy. Because if there is no longer a battle in your heart and in your soul, the joy comes bubbling upward. You see life with a milder eye. You see the movement of emotions in your body and you observe them. You also observe the thoughts that start to race through your head, with a look that is soft and mild. Know that the ability to observe, and to not be swallowed up, is something very powerful and strong. This is what it is all about: this is the exit!

I want to ask you now, in this moment, to experience the power of your own consciousness – the pure being – and the liberation by way of it that allows you to feel there is nothing you need to change in yourself. Feel the tranquility and the clarity of this consciousness: that is who you really are. Put away the false judgments. Let the emotions flow and do not suppress them – they are part of you and some of them have a message. Ask yourself if you have an emotion that you fear, one that is bothering you, one you fight? Maybe one that has become taboo for you? Allow it now to come forward in the form of a child or an animal – to present itself; to show itself. That child might express itself completely, or it might even misbehave. Whatever happens, it must be allowed to do everything it wants to do, and to tell you what it feels. You are the awareness that looks and says, “Yes, I want to see you; I want to hear your story, express it”. “Tell me your story, because it is your truth; it might not be the Truth, but I want to hear your story.” Experience your emotions that way and do not condemn them. Let them come to speak with you. Treat them with the mildness of a wise old person, and observe what that child or animal brings. There is often hidden in a negative emotion a pure life force that wants to emerge, one that has been choked to death by all the prejudices of judgement. Let the child or animal come skipping toward you. Maybe it changes its appearance now – receive it with loving openness.

Awareness transforms – it is the major instrument for change, yet at the same time, it wants to change nothing. Awareness says, “Yes – yes to what is!” It is receptive and accepting of all that is there, and this changes everything, because it sets you free. You are now free – no longer at the mercy of your emotions or your judgment of them. By letting them be, they lose their control over you. Of course, it still happens occasionally that you are overcome by your emotions and your prejudice – this is to be human. Try not to get stuck there and do not punish yourself for it: “gosh, I have not attained Clear Consciousness – I must be doing something wrong.” If you do this, you start the ball of judgement rolling again. You can always return to the exit, back to the peace, by not fighting with yourself. Observe what is there, and make no mistake: not to be drawn in is a great strength. That is the power of true spirituality. True spirituality is not morality – it is a way of being.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I highly recommend you attend this event. It will be a night of Mayan-Apache-Toltec Wisdom Sharing at the Meta Center and it is sure to be amazing.

In Love and Light, Chernise

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Archangels at the Meta Center: July 21st, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Hello Everyone! 

If you'll be in the NYC area this Saturday the 21st, come by the Meta Center!  
I'll be there again and this time I'm channeling Archangel Azrael.  

Have you ever come out of the other side of a tough experience and wondered if you could have experienced it any other way?  What if there were a way to learn your lessons more effortlessly?  You've come to this planet to grow and you chose the lessons that you wanted to learn in order to help you expand to the fullest extent.  

But does there have to be so much struggle involved?  
Does there have to be so much pain?  

Not when you look at your experiences through the eyes of a being that loves you unconditionally.  Your Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides (aka your "Spiritual Team")  are constantly making themselves available for you so that your path can be more joyful because the time of growing through struggle is over.  Now it is easier than ever to learn through joy but you have free will so it is up to you to make that choice.  Your Archangels will use this opportunity to show you how, give you the tools so that you can continue to choose a more joyful path in the future and remove energetic blockages that no longer serve you.

Sounds nice, right?  

This is a great opportunity to have a private session at 50% the cost/minute of a session.  It's also a lovely way to be introduced to this divine energy.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you there!


Saturday, July 21st
META Center's 2012 Summer
Psychic & Healing Day Event
Intuitive Readings & Mini Healings
$25 for 20 minutes

Meta Center
214 W. 29th St
16th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Free Admission

Join in the Summertime Festivities and enjoy affordable Mini Readings & Healings with professional practitioners bringing through guidance to get ready for the completion of 2012 and life continuing. Jonathan Sherrill will be playing music from his new album in the lounge and celebrating the CD release!

Readings & Healings include:
Channeled, Psychic, Tarot & Medium Readings
Jodi Serota * NYC Psychic Jesse Bravo * Lisa's Listening * Isabella Randazzo

Angel Readings
Mark Mezadourian * Chernise Spruell

Scandinavian Magic: Readings, Numerology, Sonic Healing & Original Angelic Jewelry

Rebecca Gordon

Reiki & Reconnective Healing
Rev. Barbara Dominick

Aura Photos with Reading
Nicole Napoli

Indian Head Massage
Denise Gallon

Emotional Feng Shui Medicine Card Readings
Marise Hamm

SQ Wellness Practitioners
Mini Rising Star Healings

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Re-Imprinting
Gail Mae Ferguson-Maceda

Shiatsu, Face/Neck Sculpting & Seitai (Posture Alignment)
Toshiyuki Endo

Intuitive Transformational Soul Mate & Soul Purpose Coach
Annette Charite 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercize 10.8

Today’s exercise will be helpful for people who have a hard time letting go and seem to hold on to certain energy longer than they should.

 Imagine yourself in a wide field on a sunny day.  There are lots of birds flying around and there are trees blowing in the distance.  The energy is very much that of movement.  You stand there in the breeze and wonder where you would like to go because you see so many wonderful things around you: you could go play in the trees; you could just run around the field; you could walk over to the lake, but you just don’t know what to do.  You decide to lounge by the water but when you try to move you notice that you can’t.  You look down and you see that your feet are literally rooted to the earth.  You try to move your legs again and you find that you are stuck fast and you don’t understand why.  You ask your Guides to explain what’s going on and why these things keep happening to you because this is not the first time.  Since you can’t move forward, you sit and wait and dream about the places that don’t believe you’ll ever get to see and begin to find ways to be comfortable while staying in one spot.  Soon you forget that you even asked for an explanation. 

Then a light appears in front of you and you remember your questions.  This light expands into a beautiful Angel that replies, “Dear One, those are not quite the questions to ask.  You are a Divine GodBeing and these things are happening to you because you have allowed yourself to be tied down by things around you.  You have been in the energy of people, places or things that have had desires for you and you chose to honor their desires over your own, even when you knew that they didn’t serve you.  Each time you did that, your roots grew deeper and deeper into place, locking you down.  And now you find that you’d like to move and it’s very hard for you.  The best thing to ask in a situation like this is ‘How can I be free?’  If you were to ask that question, you might have been released sooner because that, Dear One, is a question that you’d like the answer to.  Now, if you would ask the question I will gladly answer it.” 

So, you ask the question and your Angel answers, “Yes, GodBeing, you can be free by choosing yourself over others.  This, in fact, is not selfish; this is what needs to be.  You are not anyone else.  You do not have to live their lives for them.  It is not a gift when you choose to do what another desires when you know that you desire to do something completely different; you are simply choosing not to honor yourself.  And each time you do that, a little part of you looses faith that you will ever hear yourself again.  The way to overcome that is with little steps.  First, you can start by telling yourself that you are sorry for the way that you treated yourself and that you will endeavor to do your best to hear and listen to yourself always.  The next thing you can do is start to honor how you feel, verbally.  If you have a feeling that is contradictory to something that another might desire for you, speak it.  Each time you do that, your self-worth muscles become stronger and you’ll soon see that it becomes much easier.  The final thing is to tell yourself that you love yourself and to show yourself in as many ways as possible.  Nurture yourself, get sleep, eat well, literally do what you would do for a small child who is in your care. ..and don’t forget to play!  As you do these things, you and that part of you inside that feels like it’s been unheard, will begin to see that you are on its side and it will begin to strengthen and thrive.  When you are thriving there is nothing that you cannot do and all the world benefits.  No one benefits from your choosing to remain in your own shackles.  Dear One, does that help you?”  You say, “Yes, it does.  Thank you so very much.”  Your Angel says, “Yes, Dear One.  You are here to enjoy life and to be free and to benefit and to share.  If you are locking yourself into place or into a pattern that does not serve you, no one can prosper because you have chosen not to shine your light.  Shining your light will always bring you more freedom than you imagine, even if it seems to displease some people in the immediate present.”
We love you dearly and wish nothing more than for you all to choose and honor your freedom.  Call on us whenever you need to.  We are always here and always listening. 

All of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 21st: Countdown to the 6th Sun Party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn :-))

This event is created by Mario Bojorquez, founder of THE MAYAN ELDER SPEAKS, whose mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the shift in consciousness that is currently happening in our planet by bringing ancient Mayan knowledge to the US.

Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech will bring an extraordinary message to us about this important time in human evolution that is marked by the end of the long cycle Mayan Calendar.

During a unique 5 hour event in September, including a Mayan Ceremony and other entertainment, Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech will share very ancient wisdom through story telling, as per Mayan Oral Traditions, to help prepare us for this new age of enlightenment. He will also talk about the Mayan prophecies and the true meaning of the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Members of the Mayan Council of Elders like Don Pedro Pablo rarely leave the land of Yucatan in Mexico to share their wisdom to the world and his visit in NYC this fall is an opportunity not to be missed if you want to hear the messages from the Mayan Wisdom Keepers that will help us reconnect with the Cosmos, Mother Earth, our Ancestors and one another.

Now is the time to get access to this sacred knowledge as the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st is approaching. It will be exactly 6 months to the day on June 21st. 

Let the countdown begin! Come celebrate with Mario Bojorquez the coming of this new age and help us bring Don Pedro Pablo to NYC.  I'll be channeling messages from the Archangels along with a few other amazing healers.  I hope you can make it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.7

Yes Dear Ones,

Today’s visualization will be helpful for people who want to continue on their path but seem to feel a bit blocked.

First, close your eyes and see yourself seated on top of a large mountain on a clear day.  There are many eagles flying overhead and one particularly stately, grand and beautiful one sits next to you.  You feel its presence and for a while you just sit in the space of how grateful you feel that this majestic bird has alighted next to you.  After a while you look at the bird and you feel it connecting with your thoughts. 

It says to you in an almost teasing way, “Why do you sit here?  There are so many amazing things to see and do yet you are here on this beautiful mountain.  Yes it is wonderful to observe it all but it is beyond words to be in it and to experience it.”  This seems to be a wise question and you can sense that this beautiful bird is not judging you; it is just nudging you to move into a space that might seem a bit fearful.  “Well,” you say, “It is very beautiful here and I have done so much just in order to climb to the top of this mountain that I’m going to enjoy it for a bit.” The eagle gives you a piercing yet non-judgmental look and you say, “Ok. Yes, it looks beautiful but I’m scared.  What will happen to me if I go out into the world?  What if people don’t like me or what I have to say or share?  What if I don’t get my message out to as many people as I’m supposed to?” 

The eagle looks at you and says, “Well, how fun is it to continue with these types of thoughts?  Not very, I can imagine.” You nod in agreement. The eagle continues, “You may be having these thoughts that are fear based but right now these only exist as possibilities in a sea of infinite possibilities.  Yes, it is possible that people won’t like what you say but they have free will - they don’t have to like everything that is said.  They will still receive the love that you are sending and it will still be of assistance.  It’s not a matter of whether they like you or not that has anything to do with doing your life’s work.  If you go “out there” and radiate love, they will receive the love, you will feel the joy of radiating that love and you will be doing your life’s work.  Also, if you look at your life you will find every reason to believe that the selection of possibilities that are awaiting you are going to be far more joyful than not.  It is simply up to you.  Does it feel good to imagine that you will be well received?  Does it feel good to imagine that you will be radiating love to the degree that you want?  Well then, Dear One, you have nothing left to do but to take the leap.  We are all here supporting you and we love you unconditionally.  If you choose to sit on the top of this mountain we will not love you any less although we think it might be a little less fun for you.  So, what do you say?  Will you take the leap with me?”  You think about it and then reply, “Well, when you put it that way it seems that I cannot lose.” Your eagle responds, “No, Dear One, you certainly cannot lose.  You have simply to climb onto my back and hold onto my wings and we will sail places that you have never even dreamed of.  I will carry you until your own wings are strong enough and then we shall fly side by side.”

We love you greatly.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your beloved Archangel Azrael and Brother Soaring Eagle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.6

This exercise will be helpful for those who want to find ways to open their hearts to themselves more.
First, imagine that you’re sitting in front of a mirror (or you can actually sit in front of a mirror) with your eyes closed. Then imagine that you are your Highest Self and that you are radiating love from every particle of your being and that this energy, this radiant love is coming most powerfully from your heart.  Open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “Dear One, you are so very divine and so very loved that if you knew the degree to which this was so, your heart would absolutely melt.  Please, Dear One, are there any areas of your life where you feel you could allow more love?” And then direct this powerful love from the eyes of your Divine Self and from the heart of your Divine Self to the reflection of you in the mirror which is the representation of your physical self and of all of the thoughts that exist about your self on this plane. 
Then take a deep breath and imagine that the small child inside of you – the little you that was hurt and was loved and felt alone and loves to play and dance and be heard and sing and attract attention – is now sitting there in your lap.  Then see that you (the physical you) are directing the question from your Higher Self to the little you that is now sitting in your lap.  Let the little you take as much time as she needs and then allow her to respond.  If she uses words, if she sends you images, if she simply makes noises or whimper as a response, no matter - simply flood her with your unconditional love and hug her endlessly.  Tell her that she could not be more perfect or worthy; that everything she wants, she has a right to want; that everything she did not get, she has a right to feel sad about.  But let her know that you will always be there for her and that you will endeavour to hear her and give her permission to be seen and to share her emotions as they arise.  As you do this, you should find that she is becoming more peaceful and she may even shed a tear of joy because she’s finally being acknowledged.  But whatever she does, just continue to flood her with unconditional love and acceptance for all that she chooses or has chosen to express. 
Then say to her, “Dearest, I now invite you to come play in my heart.  Where you were playing before was probably somewhere in my head.  I’m almost certain you were in the area of my ego where you actually believed that it was possible to not be loved or heard or seen.  You probably even believed that if anyone outside of you expressed those feelings about you that it could in some way affect the love that I have for you.  But, Dear One, that is in no way the truth.  Here, in my heart, you will know that there is only love and that love is all that you need and that you have more of my love than you could ever fathom." Then, see her becoming smaller and brighter until she is a ball of pink and gold light and then invite her to play in your heart with your angels.  Once she has fully merged into your heart, give yourself a hug.  Again, take another breath and fully connect with your divine self and then open your eyes.  Now that you feel full of love and aligned with your Selves, know that whenever you need to feel grounded in the truth of the unconditional love that is always yours, you can do this exercise.  The Universe has this unconditional love for you and wishes that you know this love for your own self so intimately, that you never allow yourself to believe another state of being is possible. (For, yes, Dear Ones, you can be fully in uncondinitonal love while you're experiencing other emotions - even anger.)
We love you so dearly.
Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your beloved Archangel Azrael

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.5

This exercise will help you to be more in your heart so you can view/create your life in a way that you really want to experience it.
The first thing to do is to get a sheet of paper and draw a large circle on it and draw yourself standing in the middle, smiling.  Then draw lots of smiley faces surrounding you within this circle and add large column that extends upwards to the top edge of the page.  This column represents the column of light that connects to your Unlimited and Unconditionally Loving I AM Presence.  Then fill any open space within the circle with hearts and stars.  All of these images that are surrounding you represent the events of your life and how you choose to experience them. In the space surrounding the circle, draw a large square that represents your connection to the earth as well as your grounded experience of everything contained within it.  The circle represents your connection to spirit.
When you’re done, take a breath and hold the paper in front of your heart with the image facing you.  Imagine that you are, in fact, your very own I AM Presence and see your Self as radiant and as clear as the sun on a beautiful day overlooking a mountain range.  Feel your Self as one with all and from this beautiful, expansive place, flood as much love as possible to the image of you that you have just drawn in the paper.  Imagine that as you are flooding this image with love the square that you have drawn outside the circle is slowly being drawing to the inside of the circle which represents the spirit.  You are now imbuing all of your life’s events with this unconditionally flowing love, with light, with clarity and enhancing the connection that you have with all things.  
Then, once you feel that this square has been drawn entirely within the circle, Say to your little self on the page, “Dearest, you are loved unconditionally and you are guided always.  Yours is the path of growth, joy, triumph and success.  Know this, and move forward with the feeling so sure in your heart that as a God/being incarnate, as you decree, so it shall be.  Now, Decree from that place of safety and trust and watch your path unfold in ways that you could have never imagined.  I am always with you and you are loved beyond belief.”  Then sit in the space of being the sender of this beautiful energy as well as the recipient.  When you feel that you have received and or given enough, remind yourself again that your path is a blessed one and you have only to trust and move forward and things will unfold for you in a way that you would have never believed possible.
Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.4

Today’s exercise will be good for people that would like to stay on their spiritual path in a way that moves them forward consistently.

First, see yourself as a radiant star in the night sky surrounded by other stars.  As you are sitting in the energy of this radiant light that you are, imagine that even more light is pouring down on you from above.  You look up in order to discover the source and you see that it is your very own Divine Soul Being.  You say to it, “Thank you so much for your light and your love.  You are so wonderful to give me light and guidance even now that I am fully embodied in my Self as a star.”  Your Soul Being looks lovingly down at you, smiles and says, “Dear One, you are always expanding and growing into greater consciousness and I am simply here to urge you lovingly and gently and consistently forward.  Think of when you were a child and you longed to be an adult.  Think of when you were an adult and longed to be on your spiritual path.  Think of when you were on your path and longed to embody the light that you truly are so fully, that you would experience yourself as a radiant star.  You may not know what is next but the more you trust and stay committed and follow the signs that the universe lays before you, the further you will go.  And Dear One, there are always going to be places that you can expand into so you will do well to stay on your path as much as possible because only amazing things await you.  You look at your Soul Being and ask, “Even though I have come so far?  How am I to go forward?  What shall I do to increase my connection, my embodiment of the truth and my trust in life?”  Your Divine Soul Being replies, “You have only to intend with all of your heart in any way that you know how and this will be enough.  If you want something and know that every part of the universe is conspiring to suit your highest good, you must know that you will be answered.”  You respond with, “Yes, I do know that to be true” and then you close your eyes and intend for your next exciting adventure, even though you feel you can’t possibly think of a place that could be better than where you are right now!

We love you greatly.

Love, All of us in the Angelic Realm
Your beloved Archangel Azrael

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.3

Today’s exercise is helpful for people who would like to release energy that no longer serves them so that they can move forward with joy.

Imagine that you are seated at a table with many people in a lovely restaurant.  You look at the table and observe that it is round and very, very large.  Then you begin to look at the people around the table and notice that there are many faces that are familiar to you.  They are faces from your past and most belong to people that you haven’t seen in a while.  What happens next is quite lovely: you find that each person sitting at the table begins to look at you and smile.  They seem to be so full of gratitude for having met you that you feel overwhelmed with love.  This is such a striking feeling because a good many of the people around the table are people with whom situations ended badly or that you did not interact with from your highest self, or who did not treat you from their place of highest love.  But still, they seem grateful and are just radiating love to you.  You sit there and allow yourself to take it all in and even release a few tears because you feel the sincerity of their love.

When you have gathered enough courage you look at some of the people who previously you did not get along with at all and ask, “Why?” Smiling and laughing they say to you, “Don’t you know?  We’re all here to play a part in each others’ lives.  We were all there to help each other grow - to move us to where we wanted and needed to be in order to be of greatest service to life and in order to move us forward on the path of our own greatest joy.  We were all doing what we needed to do to help each other learn what was necessary.”  And you say, “Wow.  I really get that and I appreciate that.”  After a while you feel so overcome with love that you begin to hug the people that you are closest to and radiate love to all the others.  Then you notice that some of the people are leaving the table and you ask them why they’re leaving.  They say, “Well, our time together is done and now that you’ve seen why we were really a part of your life it’s time to make room for some new energy.  Besides, we’ve got to get back to our own lives and do the same.  This was healing for us, too, you know.  Be blessed and know that you will always live in our hearts as love.”  Again, you feel overcome with love and gratitude for all the people in your life and for how wonderfully the Universe has set everything up. 

Soon, some new people join the table and sit next to you.  They seem a bit confused at first but soon notice all of the love surrounding them, feel visibly touched by it and the cycle continues.  This is because love, truth and gratitude beget feelings of freedom and compassion which beget more feelings of love, gratitude and awareness of the truth.  You have seen how you have been and are part of the circle of life and how everything is truly happening for your highest good.  With that truth now at the forefront of your consciousness, you find that you easily release old wounds and co-dependent relationships because you know why they occurred in the first place – to move you forward to this beautiful place of unconditional compassion for yourself and all who have joined your path.

We love you dearly, Dear Ones.

With Highest Love,
All of us in the Angelic Realm.
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey Guys!

If you'd like to experience more EASE in any area of your life & would like clear guidance about how to do it, call into the ARCHANGEL HOTLINE.

Achangel Azrael will be on the call to specifically help nurture you through change. The Archangels want to remind you of your power to effect change in all aspects of your existence, bar none - but they know that this means that some things must shift.  Archangel Azrael can guide you through making those shifts easily. 

The energy exchange for the call is $20 and the time is 7PM EST Monday, May 7th.

Hope to have you join!

P.S. If you miss this call the next one will be on June 4th!