Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.21

OK, yes Dear Ones,

Today’s visualization is going to be helpful for people who feel that they want to discover who they are a bit better and don’t know how to go about it.

So the first thing for you to do is to imagine yourself as a baby bird inside of an egg, in a nest with nothing but the sky above you. You feel yourself bursting with life so you begin to peck at the egg from the inside until you create a small crack that is large enough to see out of. You look around and you feel very vulnerable because your mother is not nearby. But then you take a peak up at the sky and a beam of light shines down around you and you are suddenly surrounded by loving Angels. The Angels nourish you, give you love, sing to you and entertain the small bird that you are. Then the Angels let you know that you are safe and will always be provided for and soon you really begin to feel that safety.

Feeling so protected and loved, you decide to crack the egg shell a bit more because it has not been fully opened – it has simply been cracked. The more you crack the shell, the more the light is able to come in and the more clearly you see the Angels around you. The more clearly you see the Angels around you, the safer you feel and then you feel the courage to crack out of the shell entirely. Once you do, you feel wonderfully free. Yes, you still feel vulnerable but you feel extremely protected even through the mother bird is not yet around you. Every day you find that the Angels return and even if you don’t see them you notice that they have left food for you so that you feel loved and safe. Finally you decide to go to the edge of the nest and take a look. From there you see the sky, so beautiful and large. You are surrounded by stunning mountains and they look so lovely and big. You feel a bit afraid but then you notice other birds flying. You don’t even know yet that you are able to fly but somehow you connect with their joy and their freedom and their love of doing what they are doing, which is flying.

Then you find that the Angels are around you again radiating their love and somehow they transmit an increasing desire to fly, a sense of ease and feelings of courage to you. The view from the very high nest does look lovely and enticing and the Angels are right there with you to protect you and they definitely know how to fly. So you leap out of the nest and as you thought, the Angels are right there with you. You struggle with your wings for just a few seconds but before you know it you are flying comfortably. Then you fly back to the nest for a break because it was very exhilarating and you are only a small bird. But now that you know that your true purpose is to fly and to experience freedom and to share that knowledge with others, you absolutely radiate with joy. You know that you will commit to doing whatever you need to do in order to boost your courage and trust so you can continually experience that joy and guide others to do the same.

With deepest love from all of us in the Angelic Realm,

Archangel Gabriel

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.20

Yes Dear Ones,

Today’s exercise is going to be helpful for people that feel they have lost their way on the path and would like to get back on track, so to speak.

The first thing to do is to imagine yourself surrounded by a large, white-golden ball of light almost like the sun. Feel it radiating waves of love to you so vibrantly that you can feel it seep through your pores into your very DNA. This energy is encoded with messages of Divine -clarity, -connection, -trust, -truth and -guidance that your body understands on some level. You look around and notice that from the beautiful vantage point of this clear light that is continually becoming finer, things in your life seem to feel clear and right.

Then you see a lovely path of light extend before you and when you look to the sides of this path you see that many things that do not serve you have been removed from it. They float harmlessly on the sides where they receive their own love and light. Soon they completely fade from your view and you no longer have to be concerned with being affected by them. As you continue forward it is as if the path is filled with more and more light, more and more joy and more and more ease. Then you come to a point where there seems to be another sphere of light just as large as the one that surrounds you now. You move forward into the new ball of light and at the moment you do, you feel ultimate peace.

At that moment you truly realize that you are back on your path and that it has lead you to even more joy than you imagined. Without looking you know that there is another path of light that extends from this sphere of light as well as many other energizing light spheres along this path. You now know that you are squarely on your Highest path, that you will always be Divinely provided for and that anything that is not for your highest good will be forever removed from your path.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Archangel Gabriel

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Segment! Latest Message of Guidance from the Archangels/Ascended Masters

So yes Dear Ones,

The message that we’d like to give to all today is along the lines of self care and also care for the people around you. There are many ways to take care of yourself and your world and you can either take care of yourself personally or you can do things to care for the things and people around you because all things are one thing and there is no one way to do something. So one of the best ways that you can care for others in a way that doesn’t neglect yourself or make you into a martyr is to thank the others for what they do for you – you don’t have to say this out loud to the person as long as you feel it in your being. When you look at them try to find things that you relate to or things that make you feel good about them and if you can’t seem to find anything, imagine them as a small child or rather see them happy for some reason: maybe when they won an award or the day of their marriage or whatever you can to imagine them doing well.
When you do that you are raising your vibration, of course, but whenever someone comes into your life, you are establishing a connection with that person and you will want to have as many loving connections as possible and as many connections where you see the truth as possible, also. For the truth of what you think you see is not what the truth is. We are all Divine creatures here to learn something and the fact that someone is in a bad mood or seems to have been mean to you does not mean that they are any less divine. You do not have to seek the person out that has been mean to you, but look to your heart to forgive them and imagine them happy in whatever way you can and that will do amazing things for you, your outlook, the things that you attract and experience and the nature of all of your relationships as well.

Your Beloved Jesus

Grattitude: Exercise #3.1

Yes Dear Ones,

The very first thing for you to do is to give thanks for the things that are happening in your lives now that you are grateful for but not the way that you generally give thanks and not the things that you generally give thanks for. We want you to look at situations in your life that have not been so favorable and when you give thanks for them we want you to also: give thanks for all of the players involved; give thanks that you have come to forgive everyone so easily including yourself; give thanks for the lessons you learned; and give thanks that you have learned these lessons so well that there is no need to recreate them again in your lives. You can do this with each and every memory that you have, from the youngest age you can remember having any sort of adversity, as you may call it - from whenever you had emotions that have left you feeling shameful, sad, victimized, embarrassed, mad or whatever the feeling may have been.

You are to give thanks that it happened and that even if you have not fully, consciously become aware of the gift that you have received from it, that you have nonetheless received it and have benefited from it on every level of your being. Also for the fact that since you have learned these things, they have benefitted the rest of Life as well. It is also good to give thanks for the memories having been lifted, or rather removed from all levels of your consciousness, as you may call it, and for having an increasing feeling of lightness that you did not expect. You should then look at the sky and see these memories leaving your body like little bubbles of grey light and rising to the sky where they become lighter and lighter and then completely disappear into the Great Central Sun where they are transmuted into Divine Love. Then you are to surround yourself with the Violet Flame, which you should see as at least three feet around you and above you, to consume any misqualified energy that may linger and this, Dear Ones, will bring you great results.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Jesus

Monday, March 7, 2011

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.19

Yes Dear Ones,

Today’s exercise is going to be for people who would like to receive a bit more understanding before they can move forward, so to speak, with that they have come here to do.

The first thing for you to do is to imagine yourself standing outside. It can be sunny, cloudy or rainy, but the main thing is that you are outside and you notice the weather. Then you are to look at it and say, “Hmm. How do I feel about this? Do I prefer a sunny day or do I prefer a cloudy day?” Then you ask the question of your inner Self, who is connected to your Divine Soul Being and you get a strong gut feeling that you would like for the day to be sunny. All of a sudden the day is sunny and you say, “Wow. That was amazing!” Well, you begin walking and approach a traffic light that is green. You are about to cross the street but you notice that with the green light the cars have the right of way and you aren’t actually able to cross the street. You feel very strongly that you’d like to cross the street now and your inner Self listens and responds to your clear desire. Suddenly the light changes to red for the drivers, who are able to safely come to a halt, and then you can cross the street. You continue walking and you arrive at the front door of your office but before you go in you wonder, “Hmm…do I actually enjoy what I am doing there? What would make me happier?” You check in with your inner Self again and you feel that you would love to work training aquarium employees to work with dolphins. Your Inner Self listens and suddenly you are at an aquarium in the water working with the beautiful animals.

You truly begin to get the feeling that life is in fact like this. Changes might not manifest as quickly as in this visualization but every second you decide something or do not decide something, you are making a choice and the Universe listens. When you don’t make a clear decision the Universe has to create your world based on the thoughts/beliefs that have already been loaded, so to speak, on your hard drive (your brain) therefore it is really helpful for you to get clear about what you want in life. So the next time you get a chance, take a pen and a piece of paper and create sections which you can label: health, self nurturing, social life, romantic life, education, wealth and any other areas of your life that you can think of. Then you can do two things: 1) write down all the things that you would like to experience in each area of your life that you listed above and 2) at the bottom of the page write, “Thank you Universe. More please!” You will want to look at this once a day at least.

This is sort of a decree unto the Universe that you would like more of a particular thing in your world. You are acknowledging what you want and giving your clear focus as a God Being to that which already exists on another vibration of existence in order to bring it into your world. Also the fact that you are giving thanks for it must draw it into your world faster. Dear Ones, this is very important because where you are in your lives now, it is very important for you to understand that focus is truly everything. Love and joy are also everything, but as a God Being, what you give your attention to decides how you experience your world. So we would suggest that you get as clear and as joyful as possible about the things that you would like to experience because we really are listening and we really want to bring you the highest and best you desire.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Segment! Latest Message of Guidance from the Archangels #2

Yes Dear Ones,

There are so many things that are going on at this time that our latest advice to you would be to surround yourself with images and thoughts of peace and joy as well as take actions that bring you joy. You want to truly focus on nurturing yourself at this time because many things are changing and basically the glue that will hold your world together is an increasing love of your Self. The energies are being magnified so that if you are giving energy to something it will grow. That is the law of energy anyway but at this time of great expansion, it is more so and as Keepers of the World Balance, it is up to you to truly love yourself. Then, the way your world outpictures will reflect that love and you will be of greater assistance to Life and to those that seek your assistance. Life is beautiful and it can and will and is expanding in such a way that there is more beauty available to all. But the main thing is truly that what you choose to see is what you will get so it is very good for you to actively choose to see God in you and you will find it in the world faster than you can imagine.

We love you all dearly and will speak to you again soon.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
AA Gabriel