Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey Guys,

I just wanted to extend a new option for the Course in Divine Balance: Now you can pay per class ($37.50) rather than pay for the entire course at once ($350.00). I figured it only makes sense to offer classes individually since you might just have a few areas you’d like to work on. If you were to sign up for one course though, I would recommend it be the first one. On that night (Wednesday, April 20th) we’ll:

1) Create such a powerful intent that you will harmoniously create balance in your life even if you don’t decide to participate in the remainder of the course with Christy and I.

2) Give you tools to deal with the blocks (e.g. self sabotage) that you may subconsciously throw up so that you move through this course, and your life, with more ease.
3) Enlist some Divine Assistance to help you throughout the process of experiencing more Divine Balance in your life.

Another thing I decided to do is give a bit more clarity to the word “Balance.” Christy asked me how I would describe what people would get out of the course and it only crystallized for me recently. The things in your life that fall into the category of Divine Imbalance are: things irking you consistently, things breaking down around you, feeling like you keep repeating the same lessons, reoccurring illnesses, overeating, under eating, problematic relationships, feeling unworthy, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, unsatisfying jobs, things that don’t leave you with the feeling of, “Oh, my God, that was Awesome! Gimme more of that!” A state of Divine Balance (or rather “intending” Divine Balance) is simply when you actively do the work necessary to unearth lower vibration beliefs that have kept manifesting in your life to reveal the deeper truth of who you are. When you uncover more of the truth of the Divinity within you, guess what happens? Life, by Divine Law, must reflect this to you and you’ll definitely want more of this!) I just want to create a safe space for us to do this as harmoniously, quickly and joyfully as possible so I hope you join me.

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. If you’re interested in learning more or signing up for A Course in Divine Balance, please visit my Event’s page here:
http://nurturingtheshift.blogspot.com/p/monday-night-q-with-archangels-for-15.html. Also, please have the following with you when you join the call:

- A notebook and pen,
- A glass and a pitcher full of water,
- Any solid colored tape that you can write on,
- A marker,
- A cleansed but not programmed Clear Quartz crystal, and
- Something white that you’ll be able to wear all week and see visibly (eg. a watch, pin, ring, scarf.)

*Also, if you're unable to attend the class on Wednesday nights or decide to join after the course has started, I will make recordings of the class available for the same cost of $37.50.

It’s time to claim Divine Balance in our worlds and radiate it to all of life!

Deepest love to y’all!
Chernise Spruell

p.s. Apparently the Paypal button on my page has been a bit wonky so if it doesn’t work for you just login to your Paypal account and send your payment to me at
chernise@yahoo.com. Thanks and talk to you tomorrow!

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