Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Divine Love: Exercise 6.15

Dear Ones,

This will be very helpful for people who have trouble looking beyond the illusion of their daily lives and desire to look to the truth of their situation.

First, look at things as they seem to be and look at how you feel. If how you feel is less than desirable you can use that as an indicator that you are focused on something that is not real or true because when you look at the true nature of your situation, or any for that matter, you feel joy. That is the law because that is the natural state of things. Then when you have come to clarity about the feeling that you are experiencing and have registered it as one of the feelings you would rather not feel then you should use that as a reason or rather an opportunity to ask for guidance on the situation.

For example, if you are feeling sad about the fact that you do not have a job or that you do not have enough money then you should look to your Divine Guidance and ask for that particular feeling to be healed and brought to the light so that regardless of the appearances of your external situations that you maintain that healed feeling. Then when you are able to maintain the feeling for a period of time, by Divine Law, the situation must outpicture the same way with regards to the subject that you had the intense feelings about.

So, if you were sad about money before and now you are choosing to focus on good feelings with regards to the money, the universe will soon send you an experience related to money that will give you something to feel good about. In fact, it will just mirror that emotion. It can be a bit of a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you feel like it’s a challenge then that is the thing that needs to be healed at the time. You can be aware on the frustrated feeling of knowing that you have a challenge and then at that point you would ask for guidance and then you could decide that since you have asked at this point, all you are going to do is feel good about the topic and soon you will have many experiences reflected to you about why it is good to feel good about what you feel good about.

This is something that we would like for you to work on all of the time. It is very helpful, yes, but very important. Then whenever you begin to feel lower vibration feelings you can use this as a sign or a reminder to ask for Divine guidance. This is by no means refusing to accept or embrace the feeling because you must do that as well but we are simply saying that if the feeling is there, it should be observed and then allowed to pass which is what you are helping it do when you 1) ask for assistance and then 2) focus on the energy that you would like to feel.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Archangel Raphael

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