Friday, July 27, 2012

I highly recommend you attend this event. It will be a night of Mayan-Apache-Toltec Wisdom Sharing at the Meta Center and it is sure to be amazing.

In Love and Light, Chernise

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Archangels at the Meta Center: July 21st, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Hello Everyone! 

If you'll be in the NYC area this Saturday the 21st, come by the Meta Center!  
I'll be there again and this time I'm channeling Archangel Azrael.  

Have you ever come out of the other side of a tough experience and wondered if you could have experienced it any other way?  What if there were a way to learn your lessons more effortlessly?  You've come to this planet to grow and you chose the lessons that you wanted to learn in order to help you expand to the fullest extent.  

But does there have to be so much struggle involved?  
Does there have to be so much pain?  

Not when you look at your experiences through the eyes of a being that loves you unconditionally.  Your Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides (aka your "Spiritual Team")  are constantly making themselves available for you so that your path can be more joyful because the time of growing through struggle is over.  Now it is easier than ever to learn through joy but you have free will so it is up to you to make that choice.  Your Archangels will use this opportunity to show you how, give you the tools so that you can continue to choose a more joyful path in the future and remove energetic blockages that no longer serve you.

Sounds nice, right?  

This is a great opportunity to have a private session at 50% the cost/minute of a session.  It's also a lovely way to be introduced to this divine energy.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you there!


Saturday, July 21st
META Center's 2012 Summer
Psychic & Healing Day Event
Intuitive Readings & Mini Healings
$25 for 20 minutes

Meta Center
214 W. 29th St
16th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Free Admission

Join in the Summertime Festivities and enjoy affordable Mini Readings & Healings with professional practitioners bringing through guidance to get ready for the completion of 2012 and life continuing. Jonathan Sherrill will be playing music from his new album in the lounge and celebrating the CD release!

Readings & Healings include:
Channeled, Psychic, Tarot & Medium Readings
Jodi Serota * NYC Psychic Jesse Bravo * Lisa's Listening * Isabella Randazzo

Angel Readings
Mark Mezadourian * Chernise Spruell

Scandinavian Magic: Readings, Numerology, Sonic Healing & Original Angelic Jewelry

Rebecca Gordon

Reiki & Reconnective Healing
Rev. Barbara Dominick

Aura Photos with Reading
Nicole Napoli

Indian Head Massage
Denise Gallon

Emotional Feng Shui Medicine Card Readings
Marise Hamm

SQ Wellness Practitioners
Mini Rising Star Healings

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Re-Imprinting
Gail Mae Ferguson-Maceda

Shiatsu, Face/Neck Sculpting & Seitai (Posture Alignment)
Toshiyuki Endo

Intuitive Transformational Soul Mate & Soul Purpose Coach
Annette Charite 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Living Your Truth: Exercize 10.8

Today’s exercise will be helpful for people who have a hard time letting go and seem to hold on to certain energy longer than they should.

 Imagine yourself in a wide field on a sunny day.  There are lots of birds flying around and there are trees blowing in the distance.  The energy is very much that of movement.  You stand there in the breeze and wonder where you would like to go because you see so many wonderful things around you: you could go play in the trees; you could just run around the field; you could walk over to the lake, but you just don’t know what to do.  You decide to lounge by the water but when you try to move you notice that you can’t.  You look down and you see that your feet are literally rooted to the earth.  You try to move your legs again and you find that you are stuck fast and you don’t understand why.  You ask your Guides to explain what’s going on and why these things keep happening to you because this is not the first time.  Since you can’t move forward, you sit and wait and dream about the places that don’t believe you’ll ever get to see and begin to find ways to be comfortable while staying in one spot.  Soon you forget that you even asked for an explanation. 

Then a light appears in front of you and you remember your questions.  This light expands into a beautiful Angel that replies, “Dear One, those are not quite the questions to ask.  You are a Divine GodBeing and these things are happening to you because you have allowed yourself to be tied down by things around you.  You have been in the energy of people, places or things that have had desires for you and you chose to honor their desires over your own, even when you knew that they didn’t serve you.  Each time you did that, your roots grew deeper and deeper into place, locking you down.  And now you find that you’d like to move and it’s very hard for you.  The best thing to ask in a situation like this is ‘How can I be free?’  If you were to ask that question, you might have been released sooner because that, Dear One, is a question that you’d like the answer to.  Now, if you would ask the question I will gladly answer it.” 

So, you ask the question and your Angel answers, “Yes, GodBeing, you can be free by choosing yourself over others.  This, in fact, is not selfish; this is what needs to be.  You are not anyone else.  You do not have to live their lives for them.  It is not a gift when you choose to do what another desires when you know that you desire to do something completely different; you are simply choosing not to honor yourself.  And each time you do that, a little part of you looses faith that you will ever hear yourself again.  The way to overcome that is with little steps.  First, you can start by telling yourself that you are sorry for the way that you treated yourself and that you will endeavor to do your best to hear and listen to yourself always.  The next thing you can do is start to honor how you feel, verbally.  If you have a feeling that is contradictory to something that another might desire for you, speak it.  Each time you do that, your self-worth muscles become stronger and you’ll soon see that it becomes much easier.  The final thing is to tell yourself that you love yourself and to show yourself in as many ways as possible.  Nurture yourself, get sleep, eat well, literally do what you would do for a small child who is in your care. ..and don’t forget to play!  As you do these things, you and that part of you inside that feels like it’s been unheard, will begin to see that you are on its side and it will begin to strengthen and thrive.  When you are thriving there is nothing that you cannot do and all the world benefits.  No one benefits from your choosing to remain in your own shackles.  Dear One, does that help you?”  You say, “Yes, it does.  Thank you so very much.”  Your Angel says, “Yes, Dear One.  You are here to enjoy life and to be free and to benefit and to share.  If you are locking yourself into place or into a pattern that does not serve you, no one can prosper because you have chosen not to shine your light.  Shining your light will always bring you more freedom than you imagine, even if it seems to displease some people in the immediate present.”
We love you dearly and wish nothing more than for you all to choose and honor your freedom.  Call on us whenever you need to.  We are always here and always listening. 

All of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael