Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Getting Back on the Path: 11.1


Today’s visualization will help you move forward when you feel stuck on your path and have generated many low vibration thoughts for yourself about this experience.

     See yourself outside on a clear day.  You are in an open field that is green and the sky is blue.  Suddenly you notice that an eagle is flying in the sky and seems to be coming towards you.  He lands next to you and you notice that he is very large, indeed, and has a very peaceful energy about him.  You also notice that he is radiating a golden light.  He bows his head to you and you do the same because you feel that is the right thing to do.  You notice that as your head is lowered, your third eye area, between your eyes begins to feel warm.  If you could associate a color to this light it would be golden.  You stay in this position a few more minutes and notice that this golden light seems to spread throughout your forehead and brain and that all of your head feels as if it’s filled with and emanating this golden light.

As you are in this space, you feel full of peace and clarity.  It’s as if every other thing in your energy field and/or body that is not aligned with this light seems to melt away.  You can literally see them dropping to the ground.  These lovely little branches of thought and energy that no longer serve you are just falling down to the earth and when they hit the Earth, Her loving embrace receives them, floods them with love and completely transmutes them back into the earth.  This process goes on for a while and you notice that you do not have to do anything for these branches of thought to fall away – there is simply no longer any space for them as this golden light fills every possible cell and particle of your brain, your mind, your head and your body.  All of your energy field is flooded with this golden light and absolutely nothing other than it can exist in your body. 

You feel wonderful in your body as this feeling also feels oddly familiar.  This is the way you were designed to feel all the time and this is the way you originally felt in your body.  You awaken your eyes to notice that the eagle is now an owl and is looking at you very lovingly and wisely.  He walks over to you and says, “Dearest One, for so long you have desired clarity on your path and have not realized that the secret to it is joy and peace.  For whenever you allow joy and peace into your mind, clarity and truth can be the only results.  The more you allow joy into your life, the more you will find that joy IS your life.  And when joy is your life, you ARE following your path.  For your highest path in life is your path of greatest joy.  It is what you came here to do and to express, for this is what you already are.  Now breathe in this beautiful light and let it be a priority to be in this space.  Know and allow yourself to be guided by the subtle but clear steps of the universe to guide you along your path of greatest joy, to live your life of greatest joy and to be of service in the highest way possible.”  With this, you feel your heart swell with gratitude and thank the beautiful eagle and owl who have come to help you on your journey.  And even though the owl flies away, you know that you will feel its loving presence with you every step of your path.  You feel an amazing excitement about the next steps that life will present to you for you know you have already designed them for you know you have already designed them for yourself.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Uriel

Monday, January 14, 2013

Living Your Truth: Exercise 10.9

See yourself standing outside on a clear day.  You feel good and you notice that the air feels crisp and light.  You begin to look up at the sky and you notice that clouds are moving quite swiftly even though there seems to be no wind and things feel calm.  Then you notice that the clouds are taking on the shape of an angel wing and you feel at peace.  You continue to contemplate the clouds and the angelic energy that seems to be present and suddenly you feel very expansive and light. 
You notice that you feel that you ARE the angelic clouds that you have just seen in the sky.  You feel that your cares are none and all of your thoughts and feelings are of joy and light.  You feel that you are everywhere at once and your only obligation is to BE and that BE-ing feels divine.  You are in this state for a while and you notice that it continues, even as the speed of the clouds increases or decreases, if it rains or does not rain, if there is a storm or no storm, if it is night or if it is day.  You simply feel comfortable and at peace with any changes because there is nowhere that change is occurring that you are not.  Nothing is happening outside of you.  You are all-of-this and whatever all-of-this does, YOU know that you will still remain expansive, light and free.  Then suddenly you feel as if the sky is on fire with a transmutive energy.  The Great Solar Sun is shining on you and now completely cleanses anything that is not light from your field, leaving you feeling even lighter and clearer.  As this light is slowly and completely transmuting every part of your being, you realize that you are even a part of this lovely Sun. 
After you feel that you have been completely en-“lightened” and have released all that does not serve you, you begin to feel yourself take weight.  It is an unusual feeling because as parts of you are condensing and you are floating downward and slowly beginning to take the shape of a human form, you notice that you feel as if the slate has been wiped clean.  You find that you no longer hold grudges against yourself for any reason.  It is as if you have forgiven yourself for all things and that there is nothing in your energy field that can convince you that you should ever feel guilty or undeserving or unworthy.  Also, you notice that you feel as if your ability to create is heightened.  Not because your skills have been enhanced - you are always a Divine Creator – but because you know that you are all things and you are acutely aware that the Universe is powerfully co-creating with you so you have an increased desire to get clear about what you would like for yourself and to hold those images steady in your mind’s eye.  By the time you realize this, you have come back to your original form, standing in the beautiful field on the clear day.  Except this time, you feel truly reborn.
Happy New Year to you all from all of us in the Angelic Realm,
Your Beloved Archangel Azrael

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year's Intention Setting with Krista Mitchell (RockWhisperer) 1/3/13

Hi All!

I'll be one of the practitioners in Krista Mitchell's NYE intention setting event again and I must say that being part of her event last year was a powerful way to start 2012.  After I finished giving the individual sessions at last year's event (pricing is detailed below) I was able to participate in her group meditation.  Seriously.  Wow.  Just powerful good goodness.  I can't say too much more than if there's any time to invest in yourself, now is it and she's definitely the person to do it with.  Come to Krista's event to get some Angel lovin', some chakra lovin', some faery lovin', some 2013 lovin' and some super wonderful Krista lovin'!  I can't wait to see you there! 

Here's what Krista has to say about her event:

Join us for a magical guided journey, aligning the power of each of our chakras with our vision and will. We will join in fiery Faery revels to heal and release old wounds into purifying flame, and then harness the creative force to make manifest new intentions for the new year!

Please come with 2 separate written lists:  5 things you wish to heal/release with 2012, and 5 things you wish to set as intentions for 2013.  This meditation will incorporate light hypnotherapy techniques, and a crystal for you to keep that you will charge with your intentions.  Also please bring your own yoga mat or cushion.  Some chairs will be made available at the back of the room for people who need added support.

After the meditation, there will be psychics, mediums, astrologers & energy healers available by first come/first serve appointment to offer guidance & healing as we begin this new and powerful year!

This event sells out every year, so it is highly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance (*Policy: All ticket sales are final.  Once the meditation begins at 6:40pm the doors will be closed and no entrance will be permitted until 7:20pm.  By purchasing your ticket you agree to these policies).

When: Thursday, Jan. 3rd, 2013 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.  Meditation starts promptly at 6:40pm, readings/healings begin at 7:30pm
Where:  The Meta Center, 214W 29th St., 16th Floor, NYC, 212-736-0999
Admission:  $25

Thursday, December 13, 2012

*COMPLIMENTARY Energy Healing & Channeling Session 12/16 @ 7pm EST

Save the date for our FREE call-in Energy Healing and Channeling Session. The call will be next Sunday on 12/16/12, from 7-8pm, with Dina Vitantonio (well known author and Energy Therapist)and Chernise Spruell (well known angelic and ascended master channeler). To register for this FREE event, please send an email to:

and in the subject heading put REGISTAR_program 2

In the email include your name, email, number, city/state and if you choose, (optional) set your intention for the call. If time permits, and depending on the amount of callers, individual mini readings may be offered.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

In Peace, Love and Light,
Dina and Chernise

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Fair Dec 9th from 12-6 in NYC

Hi All!

I'll be at the Meta Center again for their holiday fair and I hope to see you there!  You can have a 20 minute session for $25 and I think it should be said that Archangels are BIG on quality (vs. quantity!)  If you're in town and feel the urge, definitely come by.

All the love!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Healing Visualization for the Earth and Her Inhabitants

Hello All,

I would like to offer this Healing Visualization for the Earth from some LightBeings who love us very much:

Please imagine a powerful stream of golden, white and pink light coming from your I AM Presence down through your crown chakra and pooling in your heart center. As this light gathers in your heart, notice how you feel. Remember how grateful you are for your life, for the love
that you have, for your family, for the employment that you have, for all that is wonderful in your life. Remember this and let this energy merge with the beautiful light that is flooding your body. When you feel that you are completely aglow with gratitude imagine that the Earth is in front of you. Reach out and take her into your hands and look on her lovingly as you would a small child. Then, direct all of that gratitude you feel, all the love you feel, and the joy you feel towards this beautiful planet and everyone on it. Feel the joy that the planet feels from receiving your love. Imagine that you are telling the Earth that everything will be fine and that you will take care of her and that you love how much she has taken care of you. Ask her for forgiveness for all of the times that you took advantage of her and neglected her when you were coming from a less enlightened place. Then ask the Divine Caretakers of the Earth to see that she gets everything she needs to feel loved, respected and cared for. Ask that the Earth go through her Healing and Cleansing process in the most harmonious way possible that still ensures that her needs are met. Ask the Divine Caretakers to also take care of all those look to the Earth for earthly survival and that they too, begin to appreciate the Earth. Then, when you feel complete, take a deep breath in and close by simply saying, “I decree, ask, command and give thanks that this is so, sustained, maintained and self-sustaining, for the Highest Good of all Concerned, to the Great Glory of God that I AM. Thank you! So Be It!”

With greatest love,
The Angelic Realm

Saturday, October 13, 2012

*COMPLIMENTARY Angel-Intro night. NYC 10/17 7pm EST ♥

  • Do you yearn for a stronger connection with the Divine without having a clue how to do it?   
  • Is it easier for you to feel a Divine connection when you’re helping others than when in your own, day-to-day life? 
  • Have you spent time and money on empowering workshops only to find later that they didn't give you the clear, lasting Divine connection you wanted?
Well, I know exactly how you feel because I was there, too. I was definitely on the "conscious path” but did NOT know how to move forward after a certain point. I’d read the books, I'd done the workshops (many, many workshops…) but nothing seemed to give me that “shift” in connection that I craved. 

Fast forward a bit and I’m in a place of undeniable connection and am living a miracle-filled life that is more wonderful than I imagined. At the event, I'll share a bit of the journey of how I became connected, give you clear steps to enhance your own connection and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly of Archangel Azrael and Ascended Master Jesus whom I will be channeling. It’s bound to be a lovely event and I would love to have you there.

Make sure to RSVP to with ARCHANGEL INTRO in the subject line if you plan to attend. Oh, and please bring a friend!

Wednesday, October 17th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
304 Maujer Street, #2R, Williamsburg
Between Morgan & Waterbury Streets
Cost: Complimentary

*There will be munchies but feel free to bring some along. It will add to the already festive Angel LoveFest! xo